A Pilgrimage of sorts, one I never thought I would do…

It all started many years ago, I was 15 and hadn’t long been living in Sheffield. We were all into rock back then and someone offered me an electric guitar for £15… I took up the offer for a thing called a “Hondo II” which was a black Les Paul copy. The lad I bought it from was called Pete Young and what I didn’t know was that he sold it so cheaply to buy drugs. Pete was an awesome guy, but sadly the drugs got the better of him and they eventually took his life.

Back then it was the dream of every budding guitarist to be able to play Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. I felt quite accomplished at this and while the guitar was so bad Robin Hood could have used the neck as his preferred Bow, I later bought an American Standard Strat, a US Telecaster, almost an original Les Paul Recording and presently own a bizarre thing I bought in Saudi Arabia. My heart was actually in drumming, this all later changed as drumming isn’t very conducive to having happy neighbours.. So the guitar was king again and I must add that it has probably kept my sanity for many years.

So rolling the clock forward to the last few years and who were my idols? Well I have in my possession (and have shown it on this blog) an invite to New York to meet the one and only and now sadly; late Les Paul. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the trip but hey… that’s how life is – but I have visited Marshall.

In the world of guitar gods – there are many, many different styles. I never liked Hendrix much because I don’t think Hendrix understood what he himself was doing and Carlos Santana (while an awesome guitarist) never floated my boat either.

But there was one guy who did. In fact when I first heard his version of Hendrix’s Little Wing, I thought there was more than one guitarist… In my mind, this guy actually “got” Hendrix and furthermore – took it all to a level far higher.

Sadly in 1990 the very same guy was killed in a helicopter crash after leaving a gig at Alpine Valley, along with several of Eric Clapton’s own band members.

Today he is widely regarded as and was one of the finest guitarists to have ever lived and while his main genre was Blues, he performed with many others (including David Bowie) and in many other styles as well.

That guy was Stevie Ray Vaughan and this week as part of an accompanied road trip I have had the privilege of visiting many of his old haunts and visiting his grave side in Dallas.

I can’t add any more to this, but if I can be called a fan of any type, it would be of SRV and I am so in full knowledge that I simply do not have the skill and talent to be able to play close to 1% of his own level.

Finally I spent New Year in Austin Texas where he cut his teeth before making the big time. Here in his honour stands his statue.

I feel strangely privileged.

If anyone wishes to visit his Grave Side, below are maps of the actual location of the Vaughan Family Estate in Laurel Land Cemetery, Dallas (click to enlarge). But please, be respectful, don’t cover up his name and do NOT steal anything .

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