Old Ghost’s  and a bitter betrayal

Over the last 8 years, as many readers know, I along with 30 others have been pursuing our old boarding school for damages after headmaster Derek Slade was sentenced to 21 years in prison, where he later died.
The owner of the school, John Sinclair had already made agreements to settle – and then didn’t pay.
So the legal process moved on to that of enforcement of agreed sums, substantial interest and legal fees.
Grant Thornton was brought in by the High Court to ascertain assets, value, proof of business dealing to avoid payments etc.
In the duration of the 8 years, the school has taken millions of pounds and even gone as far as building a £2million gym complex.
18 months after Grant Thornton became involved, whom received massive help from claimants in the provision of documents showing the entire history of the School’s holding companies – all of which had John Sinclair as the Company Director. Grant Thornton approached all the claimants and stated they could in fact recover all our agreed and now owed monies – but wanted 25% of this as a success fee….
So to be clear, that is being appointed and their fees paid for – then take a further 25% of the pay-out for years of beatings and abuse as a success fee.

Lawyers committed to making us agree to this, with a slight issue being that to this day no one really understands what it is that we were pressured to sign – and once done, the real joke started…
Grant Thornton did NOTHING!! They dragged their feet at every possible opportunity, claimed that year after year passed while application for court hearing insurance was applied for, THEN re-applied for over and over again.

The best part of this was that they would not answer correspondence – with anyone…
Cutting out the people they were working for and not giving them a say in anything.
What was happening was a real live con, a rip-off and they refused to be answerable to anyone. More to the point, it removed our ability to fire them for their complete and utter lack of progress.

A few weeks ago we were informed a settlement had been achieved…. grant-thornton-vector-logo
Achieved is serious over statement…
After NOT achieving anywhere close to what they said they would do.
After NOT consulting the “creditors”
After NOT even informing legal representation.
They settled for a figure that equates to £0.18 on the £1 that John Sinclair and Anglemoss agreed to pay.
This is interesting, what is the value of the damage to us? What would you accept as payment for any one of us to do all that happened to them? What would the people at Grant Thornton accept – £0.18 on the pound. Get the figure they would accept for it, and you have the sum required for compensation. Not a penny less…

BUT worse than all this is Grant Thornton has set a precedent – one that states No Child Will Ever be Safe and no one can ever get justice as or for a Child…. And the person who’s name in on every letter:  Amanda Wade of Grant Thornton.

The job was simple enforcement… Grant Thornton turned into a Cash Cow and screwed over their clients and saved John Sinclair a fortune.

Kinda makes you wonder who they were actually working for doesn’t it…

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Just when you thought you were ready to relaunch!

As many know, I had to let the original domain name I invented for this site go as the previous hosting service of the domain had been taking money for services not received – even after they were directed to no longer do so.

This site has an interesting history, from being referenced on the BBC and other tv stations, mentioned by would be politicians, a few celebs and so many others.
It is and has been a passion and was a short form url instead of the full “The Wondering Brit” (and yes, wOndering, not wAndering)

Last year the Domain twbrit.com became available again and I pounced to purchase it.
After checking prices around the web, it came down to either GoDaddy or Hostgator.
I’d had trouble with another old domain while changing NAME file configuration so went with the one I had not had any trouble with – Hostgator…

On November 30th 2017, and mentioned across Facebook and also leading to the previous post – I purchased twbrit.com from Hostgator…

Years of strife melted away and I was happy to the core…

I checked a few times to see it had all gone through and wrote the outline Whois for the ownership etc.  But typically, racing off to Italy, back to Holland, the UK and then to the USA for Christmas, it all got put on the back burner while I considered the format of the new “for profit” TWBrit website.

And since then, working for HERE Technologies and more I wasn’t able to get around to starting the work… cue the moment you realise you need to invest in a webdesigner…

TWBrit is my name and trademark and has been since 2008. Ten years and at one point bringing in 30,000 unique visitors a week until I released the Domain and reverted to the wordpress one.

A few days ago, my eye caught something at the top of the screen flickering – the TWBrit icon suddenly changed..
I clicked on it and was greeted with “This Domain For Sale”….

I immediately went to Paypal and checked the transactions. Sure enough, monies paid to Hostgator – that domain is MINE!!!

I go to Hostgator… no sign of TWBrit…

I contact Hostgator – and get a “Oh sorry, it didn’t go through – please pick a new name”…
That it??!!! That’s my trademark… I paid for goods not received, they lost my trademark!!
I go to Whois: Purchased in February 2018…
Hold on… this isn’t right at all!!!

At this point, I have reached  “livid”….

Letter from Hostgator:
Hostgator email
I replied stating we are seeking legal advice.

Needless to say, this is all not very good nor great, not for me and most certainly not for Hostgator for their apparent passion of “Turning ideas into reality”.
But above all, it’s about the name the url I created and the loss of my trademark url.

We’ll keep you updated.


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Strange life of a Running Widower

Life of a Running Widower (to Gabrielle) can be a strange one… tough at times, early mornings (earlier when it’s warmer), there can be hours sitting in the rain, mud, the cold and steamed up cars. But sometimes, there can be just the best weather, location and things you don’t normally see.
Having a dig through photos and came across a couple from 2013
No need to guess where it is… but as the song goes “the sun comes up over……”

Apparently this sun rise business looks like this a lot here... I was more like "whoooooaaaaaaa, WT-fffffffffffffffffff awesooooome" [drool]

Apparently this sun rise business looks like this a lot here…
I was more like “whoooooaaaaaaa, WT-fffffffffffffffffff awesooooome” [drool]

The lonely one wheeler, in search of a new wheel....

The lonely one wheeler, in search of a new wheel….

Then another appears

Then another appears

and they formed a gang and went a-roamin

and they formed a gang and went a-roamin

I've seen spy meetings, murdered folk and shootouts on that pier #justasyin

I’ve seen spy meetings, murdered folk and shootouts on that pier #justasyin

Oh... and she's back.... yup, looks like it was murder ;)

Oh… and she’s back…. yup, looks like it was murder 😉

Movies Shot at Santa Monica Pier

Tillie’s Punctured Romance
Quicksand, Elmer Gantry
The Opposite of Sex
They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
Night Tide
The Sting
A Night at the Roxbury
Miracle Beach
Forrest Gump
Not Another Teen Movie
Iron Man
Desperate Teenage Lovedolls
Dark Ride
The Hottie and the Nottie
“Falling Down”
Ruthless People
Love Stinks,
She Wants Me, and
Hannah Montana: The Movie n.

TV Shows

The Rockford Files
The Incredible Hulk
Three’s Company
The Amazing Race
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Star Trek: Voyager
NCIS: Los Angeles
Gilmore Girls
Grey’s Anatomy
Private Practice
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Charlie’s Angels episode “The Sandcastle Murders”

and a lot, lot more……. not to mention far too many music vids to list.

Strange Challenge Turns into Enjoyment

So, I have been spending not hours, but days working on an image that has frankly changed the way I do business – i.e. I won’t do that again lol.
Four days in and I get a fun photo challenge from Gabsatrucker’s Aunt who lives on the edge of Death Valley in Nevada, USA.

It was simple really, take and post a photo under the broad title of “Nature” every single day for one whole week.

I’m not saying I’ve got used to my chair but I was like “Wha…. you mean go out *there*….”

Our camera is a Fuji HS30 EXR, it’s far exceeded its shutter life, it takes about one sharp photo in 200 now – but I thought, If I can do this then maybe, just maybe,  if I ever get good equipment I might be alright at this one day.

The week just finished and here are the results for your enjoyment.  I’m not fishing for compliments as I have found in my life, criticism is a far better creative tool and one that makes you learn more. So feel free to complain about them, but note I possibly already aware of blur, aberration etc. 😀
Oh and the photo of the big house (Wollaton Hall aka Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises) was taken from 2.05 miles (3.30 km) away.

No points of spotting the TWBrit logo in every pic 😉 Copyrights are what they are, TWBrit/RWIR/Me 🙂

Finally a huge thank you to Cheryl and of course Gabsatrucker for pointing out and showing me some amazing places where I took all but one of these photos.

Gabsatrucker also runs another great site for all you fitness and running type folks called of Runsound Mind








This is a little Serious for once…

Living with a runner who loves nothing more than Parkruns, Medals
Half Marathons, Full Marathons and recently completed her first Ultra (who has a dedicated running website HERE), I’ve heard every charity fund raising bit of junk required for entering big runs and marathons – so I don’t really give them any credence what so ever.
Cue something that made me sit up and raise an eyebrow.

My better half (the runner) Gabby aka Gabsatrucker has a regular running buddy called Nicole.  Nicole (whom I call Bam-Bam, due to her accidental use of elbows on a regular basis) is a mother of four boys… she is also a GP and often by the time she makes it home, she has to renew her compassion and re-address herself to the loving and caring that family life demands and needs.

Being a doctor and a mother – an athlete… and still being a wife, a friend and all round core family rock, driver and amateur comedian must take a lot…


She sounds great right? So when she announces she needs to raise money for two young sisters with a congenital heart problem, beyond herPhotobomb tough but happy exterior, you know something needs doing…  But then adds “I need to run 100 miles to raise it”. So now beyond the raising of an eyebrow, she gets my and our attention.

These two sisters through no fault of their own have had a life of discomfort, fear and uncertainty, and when medical science also fails in rejected heart valves then the situation is dire. But in the same breath kids are so incredibly resilient and this week tests that strength and resilience further as one of them heads into surgery again.

Now… please don’t get me wrong here! I know as well as you there is a tough story like that in every city and country all over the world.  So why should we care? Why should a Doctor, dedicated and yet hardened by every state of life from beginning through to death and it’s dissection after suddenly care that bit more?

Nicole-BlurWell, these two girls are her patients – and I wonder just how many Doctors do anything for you outside of their prime remit?  And how many people do you know that would take the steps to such an incredible level for which this extreme effort that I have no personal experience of – to subject herself, beyond every commitment and thing in her life to state she WILL run 100 miles to achieve what needs to be done?

That ladies and gentlemen gets my full attention, my complete respect and my total and utter support for this endeavour.

I’m not telling you to give money – it’s not my place, but go HERE and have a read about what it’s all about and what Nicole is trying to achieve.

Dr Nicole Atkinson : The kind of doctor we all wish we had, the type of doctor the world truly needs – and one who really will go that extra One Hundred Miles for her patients.

All I have to do now is stop Gabby going with her 😉



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So you think you can drive… the End of an Era

I was 23 when I got my Class one Heavy Goods licence (CDL), I loved driving, I just wanted the learn the skills to be able to reverse something as big and heavy as a house into the tightest space – and I did. parking trailer 7side

A few years later and I bought a very old 1978 Range Rover with a 3.5 V8 because I loved climbing and spent my spare time in the UK’s Peak District trying to navigate rocky and muddy tracks in my car.
In no time I realised there was a ton of things I just didn’t know about driving off-road – but I loved driving, so what to do?
I ended up calling the Managing Director of Land Rover directly, we chatted, I told him my plight and my fear of either damaging the environment, the car and worse still – myself.
Land-Rover-Logo--newThree days later I was standing in an office in front of a man called Don Green [in all things Four Wheel Drive – he’s a legend].
I went on to spend the whole day driving the then factory high-speed test track and the once highly renowned Land Rover Jungle Track.
I was so impressed I said to everyone they should open a school.. They said they only train people who really need to know how to use the vehicles properly in off-road environments.

Two years later and I get a call… We’re setting up the “Land Rover Experience” would you like to come along and try it out? Camel Training Eastnor
I went, I qualified as a specialist, then became the 2nd person to ever qualify as an instructor (and when you consider no other manufacturer was running these courses – that’s kinda a big deal I guess). I learned the layout in great personal detail of the proving ground tucked away at Eastnor Castle and while it’s very much a commercial sales entity these days, I loved it. So armed with all things Land Rover, a 110 and issued overly embroidered overalls – I did it for a living!
From Camel Trophy to vehicle testing I loved this incredible mentally tough system of driving and know-how; vehicle self recovery and winching, service and repair in the field, driving through water too deep and how to do it, expedition configurations, load bearing, tires, ice and snow techniques and so on. In fact I later took a telecommunications job in Saudi Arabia just to gain extreme desert experience – and my knowledge and skills were soon taken up by various parties. One of which became an issue with the MK 2 Range Rover, I flagged it up to Land Rover and it caused a redesign of the latest version being tested in South Africa at that time.
But these are bygone days, days, month and years of fond memories. 110 camel
Of course these days I maybe a little long in the tooth for people who believe that by simple ownership of a 4X4 means it’ll just get them through any situation – it’s a bit like this: If I bought a plane does it make me a pilot?!

We tested every type of vehicle made around the world in nearly every environment – but the one single vehicle that came out of even the worse situation was this

The Land Rover Defender 110

LandyThe venerable Landy… started production 68 years ago… and it’s just about to go out of production with no immediate replacement in sight – and that is a crying shame!!
It’s sold all over the world, but not in North America because they’re built literally by hand and Land Rover originally could not cope with the extra workload.

Sure I can tell you all the well-known clichés like 70% of all Landy’s are still running, and for the majority of the world, the first vehicle they ever saw was a Land Rover… but even if you don’t own one or you do and it never sees a field, mud, sand or frozen tundra – it’s still the most iconic 4×4 in the world – few beat it, nothing can replace it and to see it stop production is not just sad – it’s wrong…

This is the shoulder that all others stand upon…

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