Hi, welcome to T W Brit.

As you can tell, I’m a Brit and my partner, better half, and now Wife, an all round buddy of many years  is American. We presently live in the UK and the USA due to present UK visa changes, but have travelled all over the place. We have two dogs; a Havanese and Mini-Schnauzer.

born in Sheffield (Yorkshire), England, way back in the dark ages.
Is reasonably well-travelled yet knows far more people who put him totally to shame with that,
I have lived in the UK, United States, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malta and Austria.
I’ve had an interesting set of multi disciplined careers – primarily he worked in Comms and IT. But a best case list would be: Technologist, Author, Musician, Graphic Designer, Blogger, Vlogger, YouTuber, Stock Photographer, Entrepreneur and Off road driving instructor

Born in Merced, California, USA slightly more recently than me and mainly lived in Arkansas for most of her life.
She is passionate about fitness and above all – Running. Which isn’t bad for a girl who spent a good part of her life driving big rig trucks and riding a Harley in her spare time.
She knows all of the lower 48 states freeways like the back of her hand and has a wish to complete a running race in each of the 50 states. She has raced in the UK and Malta also.
Her experience includes: Runner, Driver, Nordic Walking Instructor, Online Editor, Executive Assistant.

We’ve had the benefit of doing so many different things in our never ending exploration of people, cultures and place to eventually call home.


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