Just when you thought you were ready to relaunch!

As many know, I had to let the original domain name I invented for this site go as the previous hosting service of the domain had been taking money for services not received – even after they were directed to no longer do so.

This site has an interesting history, from being referenced on the BBC and other tv stations, mentioned by would be politicians, a few celebs and so many others.
It is and has been a passion and was a short form url instead of the full “The Wondering Brit” (and yes, wOndering, not wAndering)

Last year the Domain became available again and I pounced to purchase it.
After checking prices around the web, it came down to either GoDaddy or Hostgator.
I’d had trouble with another old domain while changing NAME file configuration so went with the one I had not had any trouble with – Hostgator…

On November 30th 2017, and mentioned across Facebook and also leading to the previous post – I purchased from Hostgator…

Years of strife melted away and I was happy to the core…

I checked a few times to see it had all gone through and wrote the outline Whois for the ownership etc.  But typically, racing off to Italy, back to Holland, the UK and then to the USA for Christmas, it all got put on the back burner while I considered the format of the new “for profit” TWBrit website.

And since then, working for HERE Technologies and more I wasn’t able to get around to starting the work… cue the moment you realise you need to invest in a webdesigner…

TWBrit is my name and trademark and has been since 2008. Ten years and at one point bringing in 30,000 unique visitors a week until I released the Domain and reverted to the wordpress one.

A few days ago, my eye caught something at the top of the screen flickering – the TWBrit icon suddenly changed..
I clicked on it and was greeted with “This Domain For Sale”….

I immediately went to Paypal and checked the transactions. Sure enough, monies paid to Hostgator – that domain is MINE!!!

I go to Hostgator… no sign of TWBrit…

I contact Hostgator – and get a “Oh sorry, it didn’t go through – please pick a new name”…
That it??!!! That’s my trademark… I paid for goods not received, they lost my trademark!!
I go to Whois: Purchased in February 2018…
Hold on… this isn’t right at all!!!

At this point, I have reached  “livid”….

Letter from Hostgator:
Hostgator email
I replied stating we are seeking legal advice.

Needless to say, this is all not very good nor great, not for me and most certainly not for Hostgator for their apparent passion of “Turning ideas into reality”.
But above all, it’s about the name the url I created and the loss of my trademark url.

We’ll keep you updated.

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