All Change…

Here at TWBrit’s Casa de Blighty we’re entering a world of fluctuational change.
With all things happening around here and with the issue’s regarding the pursuance of an old school having now exceed 6 years and outliving the status of Visa’s, things are about to get interesting on so many levels.

First of course in a perfect world we would hunt down those responsible – prior to dispatch. gettingthereq

Then we’d have to expel all family members, loved ones and pets of every politician and civil servant related to the pursuance of immigration in the UK and let them deal with the pain and not to mention costs of trying to get them back. But alas, this perpetual level of dreaming often proves ineffective at best. At worst, I die before reaching the conclusion of that mind-born dreaming.

Next up, I’m NOT going to turn TWBrit into and site about Photography – I have flicker pages and a separate websites for all my endeavours. So unless I do something remarkable that I want to share, I have done my last post on here for that.

Please also note due to a WordPress update the RWIR site has gone a little weird.  Infact the Portfolio and About Us has all disappeared (gawd bless-em, they iz avin a larff).

Website names are being re-organised at the moment, but everything will be set in stone as soon as possible.
This will return to points of view, travel, beer talk, salacious comments,  and my kinda crazy.

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