Christmas 2015


Hi everyone.
As we draw to the end of 2015 we’re very much looking forward to 2016 with open arms, open hearts and a healthy dose of determination.
2015 has been a fight for us from start to finish .
It’s been a tough one alright – that’s for sure.

So while we’re not physically taking part in Christmas this year, there is no excuse not to wish absolutely everyone a great time, much fun and a fine helping of festivities.
We wish and hope everyone has a great Christmas and a truly awesome New Year.

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Yorkshire Didn’t Just Lose Something – We All Did

I’m digging through old posts at the moment; I’m looking for one out 1090 in particular.
In it I wrote about the qualities of a man I could only aspire in my most distant dreams to be like. I even stated that if I only had 5% of the humanity, care and tempered wisdom of – I would be a 110% better person.
I’m serious! And what I am about to say here are not misguided words driven by emotion.

He had been a soldier, in fact he had been in the exact same regiment as myself, he was a God-fearing man and in his younger years when the world was in far harder times than we could even conceive of today, he and his wife would walk miles to get to church on time in all weathers and in winter that meant Rain, Ice, Snow and the forever steep unforgiving hills that Sheffield offered. Yet his faith was his business and equally respected the views of those who may not share as much.

I simply have known no better man and human being in my entire life. He set a standard to which all men whom met him aspired to be like – yet I know of no one who is or comes close.

I don’t really care about the politics of the world, who is using what excuse to have a war, how one person measures success in life from another because today we all lost something more precious than you’d ever know, because this man was different, this man was decent, funny, fair and respectful and yet as hard as nails.

Yesterday Joshua Goodlad (a name as I type brings a tear to my eye) passed away peacefully with his daughter Sandra, my ex-wife, holding him and with the rest of an amazing family around him.

Even after a life away from his family for many years he and is awesome wife “Lil” greeted me just like the family we once were. I was humbled.

Strangely I cannot say whether I will miss Joe or not, because his charisma surpasses this. I have a handful of heroes I’d like to emulate in some small way as many do – but I could only wish to with Joe.
What I will miss is the opportunities I’ve not taken and yet I feel truly honoured to have met him, known him, to drink with him and for the rest of my life I will respect and know – no one is was or to my knowledge ever be a greater man as him.

His family will miss him deeply, and they should know that beyond all the normal closeness of a deep family loss – he was and is just so much more than a Grandfather, Great grandfather or a Dad… He was the rule to which we truly measure ourselves by and I think they’ll know what I mean.


Joe1 (587 of 2)

In life, no man was closer to God
In my life – he was my f**king hero

Virtutis Fortuna Comes


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