And Finally….


Over the last few years and the various blogs I have run with different names and with different interest, when I started The Wondering Brit, I had no idea how eclectic this thing would turn out.
I have met many new people here and through twitter. Some I have me spoken to on the phone and on very rare occaisions – in person.
I understand that the internet is the great leveller of society and that just because you make friends in one environment, it is unusual to convey to another, but it hasn’t been the case here.

In this blog, there are literally thousands of snippets of information that no matter how few might actually be essential to anyone’s lives, they will be something somewhere that will make the reader simply state either “I didn’t know that” or “That’s useful to know”.
For the most part I have tried to be reasoned, friendly and on the odd occasion I’ve even been confrontational.
There are also the frustrations of being either and sometimes writing out of context.
But for the most part, it’s a great place with a great bunch of readers and commenters…

These last few months have brought me to realise that while friends are many, I don’t think my voice and points of view are effective enough to create, rebel, change or enhance the lives of others.
I have been challenged on simply too many occasions by too many people to really consider keeping it going.
Infact only the realisation of all this came to bare by a simple two word phrase by someone I hadn’t either met previously nor will I probably ever meet in the future, but it kept knawing away until I addressed it.

This blog has really been an indulgence, it has no time even begun the road to it’s greater potential and while I had realistic plans for it’s future, I fail to see them now.

I must thank so many people, really – you’ve all been good and somewhat patient with me and for that and even reading my thoughts, words and terrible humour. I try to keep up to date with what is what, but for someone that doesn’t actually own a TV, I can listen to conversation and wonder what the hell people are talking about.
Even if you’re famous in your sphere of work, you have been welcome here, but please understand, I’m not a fan per se, because for the most part, I possibly don’t know who you are.
Through this blog of via twitter, if someone has needed help, where possible I have offered it, and in turn it has been offered to me.
It has been a fantastic experience, one I heartily recommend.

But it is now time to draw The Wondering Brit to a close. I simply no longer wish or need anyone to hear or read my voice.
I am who I am I was born with the name Simon Mellor, it is now and has been for most life – Simon Wilshire and I was The Wondering Brit…

Thankyou for talking back to me and thank you for reading my blog

Goobye 🙂


“How Sweet”

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