A week of good hit ratios and other stuff

Would you believe that this blog has had over a ¼ million visitors? That is rhetorical by the way! Well it has and that’s just a fun fact on the back of the other fact that my hit rate is claiming on a monthly basis. I now get no less than 10,000 hits a month and this month it’s expected to reach 15,000. So a huge thank you to those that drop by 🙂

I think I like the people at my Dental practice, I seem to have left them all rolling about laughing today as I was leaving, of course they could be laughing at me 😀   Also been having a load medical tests recently – the news is terrible… I apparently need to get out more – who knew? lol, but more shocking is that every thing seems in order and ticking along nicely!

Can’t help but notice a lot of rubbish about the Falkland Islands in the news of late… The funny thing is that it’s all from Argentina. They even had the ambassador for lost causes (Sean Penn) come out with rhetoric about how the world won’t stand by and let colonialism continue… Amazing!! It’s amazing because I do believe it was Argentina that turned up with a conquering force and put the islanders under military rule!! The other claim of course that the UK is militarizing the islands. Well we did in 1982/3, but it has become a steady reduction ever since, down to 4 Euro Fighters, 2 Search and Rescue Sea Kings, a refuelling aircraft, a Naval Warship and Infantry – this has not changed in years! But the biggest joke was the claim of militarization when it was announced the Duke of Cambridge was being sent for a tour doing Search and Rescue work… Military aggressive posture from a position required to save lives – really??

In avation news… here is something you don’t normally get to know; What happens when you fly into Washington DC restricted airspace? (click the pic to go the video because I can’t seem to get it to play or find it on YouTube)


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