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[Please note: I wrote this a while ago – I now have a good-ish camera, shoot in manual and raw, I also take much better photos lol ]
The road to learning effectively eight new skills to a reasonable level of advancement is a long one, and much longer than I’m either used to, or I envisaged!
Sat this sucker TWICE!
Film making, lighting, syncing audio, music recording (in a Digital age), graphic effects, Chroma key, Lightroom, taking the Adobe Photoshop Expert exams, gettingthereand other software like Element-3D in conjunction with Adobe After Effects. Yet the one thing that has kicked the hardest is the one single thing I’ve avoided my whole life:



With photography I have ALWAYS waited for the tech to do what I want it to do… what I mean is – I LOVE AUTO MODE!! 🙂
However, to realise that the level of camera you need to lessen background noise, to process quicker and sharper images is a long painfully slow process – and then there are the lenses! (Or “glass” as they like to call it). But I’ve never got my head about the “clutch, brake, accelerator” or as I should say: “ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed! Nor, have I really wanted to.

Sure, I can design a cable layout, a Data Centre, a super computer… but photography blah, blah… It kills me when I hear people start talking that language!
BUT!! I love the post-processing… and while a great deal of my work these days is retouching images, when I want a particular picture – I have to take that bugger myself :-/canon-rebates

So I’ve started learning a bit at a time, understanding that the camera we use, which is great for quick snaps in auto mode, just isn’t clear enough and induces huge amounts of Chromatic Aberrations (see – techno blah, blah). So here’s some of the pics I’ve take which are grainy to say the least – but all are effectively advertisements for work rather than things I sell etc.

Pics by Me : Camera borrowed from Gabsatrucker


Chuch1 JPG

Gabby and the Dawgs

Cam logo001




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