Jane’s Triple A…

Or simply Access ALL Areas UK

Is a great, serious and humorous yet informative blog and campaign to sort out her local council.
You see Jane, while she could probably tell you more about the skeletons in my closet than most – has MS (multiple sclerosis – not Microsoft) and as this awful ailment has taken greater hold over the years – she is now stuck in a wheel chair.

This, while great if you need a lift, has come with a whole set of hassles and problems – as if the MS wasn’t enough.

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You see in a time when red tape has gone mad and former politicians signed us up to so much do-good European rubbish… out of all of that came very specific Rights of Access to public places for the physically disabled. It’s just that her local council don’t seem to understand what responsibility they have and what such a careless attitude is doing to the detriment to so many lives in their care for the people they serve.

Well while the days of hard partying, canoeing, beer divining and flipping a minibus over with her teeth are long behind her… She’s not someone to lie down and be trampled on.

Below is a short and actually very funny vid of just how bad her problem is…

And as for the local council – try doing a survey while IN a wheel chair or we may have to change that AAA acronym to something more realistic like Acute A-hole Algae which would be more appropriate for people who “follow Set Guideline/Rules” without the adaptive use of logic, common-sense and a can-do, will-do attitude … In other words the very people who make this country awful, and live in the excitement of being totally un-British…

British = can-do, will-do, and get the job done and done right…

The First HUA Award for a while goes to

Sheffield City Council for their contribution to the work they’re employed to do 

i.e making the city safe to use and indeed, accessible to ALL residents


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