LA to Sin City : Las Vegas

Rainbow Bar and Grill

After an evening in the Rainbow Bar and Grill we headed over the Mojave Desert to the Nevada border and after a quick stop at a state line mall and with the sun rapidly setting behind us  and the sky displaying strange unusual colours – we crossed the border and descended to a place some call the City of Lost Souls (personally, I thought we’d just left it in California).DSCF1555

Vegas is known for a vast myriad of reasons, most of which are bad to the moral amongst you (not that I know what these moral things are). But like all DSCF1789realities of life, all things good and bad exist everywhere. It is normally only a need to open your eyes – but here in Vegas they’re a nice bunch and prise your eyes wide open for you (with their teeth).

As all know, Sin City has been revamped over recent years and for the most part it has become family orientated. Most street attractions are shut by midnight and then only the clubs, casinos and bars punch on into toward dawn.

Every shopping area on the Strip had designer names above the doors, yetDSCF1804 every promotions person out on the street wear shirts offering you women to your hotel room in under 20 mins.  And while this is a city where prostitution is completely outlawed, the Las Vegas Yellow Pages are a far more of an adult read than any copy of 50 Shade of whatever!

DSCF1810Obviously now with Gabby feeling right at home, it must be said that those looking for the “Old” Las Vegas just need to travel a few blocks over from the Strip and to where shopping changes from Designer names to places that specialise in the attire of Show Girls and if you want a feather for your cap – this City is what you may consider the Mecca of feather sales . Off the Strip you will find a more tradition Sinful evening. So, not being afraid of a little hardcore fun, knowing how to let our hair down in ALL the wrong ways – we went to see the Tim Allen show.

But in the regular entertainment stakes Las Vegas Rocks!! There isn’t a band or performer of any reasonable repute in the world who is not passing through here. And some that have no credibility at all 😉


Taxi drivers are either friendly and fun – or not of around here… In one cab ride I realised I hadn’t been on a journey like this since being in the Middle East. So I asked the driver where he was from.. “Ethiopia” he replied. Gabby asked “do they even have cars there?” Well frankly they don’t even have food unless we put on a show for them.DSCF1846

Vegas is a must see and do for those never having been, but there is just so much more to see than a few shows, adult titillation and expensive boutiques and great restaurants. But there are some odd sights about the city. Like this line early in the morning outside a Gold and Pawn shop… Many of these people are in a state of pure distress, even men are crying…

A few blocks back takes you past the Heart Attack Grill where  waitresses dress like nurses, will mop your brow, take your pulse and where anyone over DSCF1852350 lbs eats for free!!  They claim it’s “Food Worth Dying For” and indeed, to date, two people have passed on from this world right there in the restaurant. Out of interest (and the inability to write “two fat bastards”), one portly gentleman and one skinny bugger died there, one at the table and one as he was leaving.

Of course Vegas is also a regular town, with ordinary shopping, and ordinary hardworking people. They even have a few major companies based there, so it’s not all adult entertainment, gambling restaurants and shows.

It also has a vast through-put of NATO military personnel heading for the NellisDSCF1554 Airforce base and of course a healthy supply of UFO spotters, complete with foil hats marvelling at new experimental aircraft shapes coming in and out of Groom Lake (Area 51) in the dead of night.

In fact, only a short drive east you will find yourself where Alien’s breed – which is not true, but you will find yourself at the Hoover Dam.

The mosDSCF1598t amazing thing about the Hoover Dam is not the loss of life building it, not the sheer scale or even the balls forward Engineer genius and determination in constructing  it – nope… The single most amazing thing about the Dam is trying to get past the security screening to enter the place.

It was about the point I had removed all metal items, hat, coat, boots, belt, wallet, watch,DSCF1611 change, e-cig, passport, med tag, testicles and brain I had to even ask myself (as someone who understands security and threat) what could I possibly have on me (other than me) that could be a threat to millions of tons of concrete and/or the people around me?!  I was wondering if the pliers would have to come out now for some teeth extracting .

Finally staggering through almost stark bollock naked I was finally clear to cause mayhem. But then there is the Catch 22… “Stand here for your picture to be taken” But I don’t want DSCF1631my picture taken! “oh, it’s ok, it’s so you can buy a gift photo of DSCF1634yourselves later”. No it isn’t because we have a camera, “No Thanks!!”

“It’ll only take a second – say cheese!” (pulled faces) click…. Photographer cracks up, security guard glares on, jaw clenched, cheek muscles flexing…

Such is the nature of how Terror has won the war in this nation… Fear causing overt security without any real thought… AND the removal of your own copyright as they actually get you to appear for your own mug shot against a green screen – it’s actually easier to get on a plane thDSCF1681an into the Hoover Dam – think about that for a sec! Besides, surely the best place to do harm is in the highest concentration of people – that would be the queue to get through security then…

The Hoover Dam is and always will be awesome and one of the great engineering achievements of our time, actually before oDSCF1718ur time. What did surprise me as we strolled along through drill and hand carved tunnels was that they really don’t generate any effective power from the Dam. Yet this Dam must be capable of a huge amount of output. But then after reading through the lines of the somewhat bizarre and erroneous talk by the guide – you realise quickly that the full potential of this Dam is and never will be reached due to internal politics. Indeed, we were told one thing while having a diagram explained in one of the vast feeder tunnels – yet the diagram showed something quite different.

Nevertheless, the Hoover Dam is a MUST SEE, but I hasten to add that people with claustrophobia may have concerns on some of the tours they run.DSCF1715

And with all done, we headed on our way towards the Grand Canyon and home…

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