What is a Child worth??

I was pondering recent information regarding settlement offers to abused children with regards the School and obviously in light of recent news about Jimmy Sa-vile. The strange thing is, I guess, is that someone somewhere must put a value on these things and how such an awful job that must be.

I mean, what would it say about what is acceptable? If the amount is very low, what does it say about the moral values of the people making those decisions?

I can’t tell people what to think, it is indeed a fact that we all have varying moral compasses, but what is the value when a child is brain washed, tortured, beaten in an excessive terrifyingly degrading way, the cold fear that runs permanently through their entire body and soul – or worse, direct sexual abuse. Then there is how this affects their entire life, how they interact, how they trust or deal with any kind of authority that they equate to the abuse and suffering they endured as a child…

This is scary stuff and while it’s easy to go to an adult and say “hey, what do you want to go away?”, which is basically what a settlement is in the eyes of those who have to pay it. But then, what if it was your child, how would you place a value on it?

In the case of the School it is seen as a simple insurance claim; however it’s a little more complicated than that. It transpires that the original insurance company was bought by a company called Pro Insurance Solutions (owned by TAWA Plc) and in turn they can’t find paperwork pre 1980-ish. So what they’ve decided to do is honour all claims after 1980-ish themselves and where an individual’s time at the school spans both sides of that period, then Anglemoss (the company that owns Finborough School) should pay a greater or lesser percentage of the agreed amount.

But never mind all that stuff for a minute; the point here is how the responsibility or moral judgement is transferred from the people whose actual responsibility it is – i.e. Anglemoss and the Finborough School.

So it goes from the School to the insurance company, in turn the insurance company doesn’t want the responsibility of making the judgement on the values – so they employ a law firm to make these for them. In this case it’s a firm called Weightmans LLP and moreover a lady called Sally Spriggs.

If you’re up to speed so far – this means the responsibility has shifted to a third entity and one whom has another mandate; to minimise the overall exposure and value of the claims…

And this is where the story darkens…

In the legal world this is an old game, firstly you must not do anything that is demanded, then make the suckers wait and wait until they start to lose hope, then hit them with a far lesser amount and hope they’ll take it and go away give or take a little long term haggling (even if it takes in excess of the two years it’s already taken).

However, what if your claimants are a blood thirsty bunch who want their day in court? Well at this point the game fails somewhat as ultimately this “exposes” the client and can do untold damage to business, reputations and years of hard work.

So while I was pondering all this, I canvassed a few people about offers and I don’t know about you or your own values, but when I heard the lowest offer was in the mid £10ks and the highest I heard was the upper £20k area and of that Anglemoss would not really exceed paying out more than £15k out its own pocket – I was dumbstruck.

But it left me wondering about the people whom decided the value of the things I said earlier, it made me question if they had their own children and if so – is that how they value them? But it also begs the question that if they are parents and that is what they believe the value to be worth – are they suitable to even be responsible for the care and wellbeing of a child.

I have worried over these things and asked questions as though from all sides; business, parent, and of course – victim.  And I really can’t fathom the amounts I’ve heard about. So to you dearest reader, child, parent or pupil; how would you work it out and what should it be worth?

Do these amounts signify that these people would accept this cash from a paedophile to do as they like to their own children?

Well, Finborough annual fees are around £30,000.00… and for kids who spent 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or more years in brutal paedophile hell my simply questions are:-

What is YOUR Child Worth??

What is Finborough School’s true value of a child in their care?

What do Weightmans LLP (under the employ of Pro Insurance Solutions – aka TAWA Plc) think to, and value children being raped and/or beaten by paedophiles?

Because personally – this just leaves me feeling cold and very, well, it’s not for me to say…

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  1. I have been thinking about this – How do you put a figure on the worth of a child, the damage that has been done- what the perpetrators and the enablers and a “company” of such a vile disgrace who obviously through the years have made a successful enterprise from the backs of those children who paid the price. They of course are looking at it from a purely business decision whereas the “injured” parties are quite rightly looking at this from a totally different perspective- the child within still looking for someone to “help” and yet a common ground has to be met …. very difficult …. I admire the stance of being recognized-

    What is so sad, to me, as well is the “revisionist history”– this disgrace happened – the children’s voices were not heard- and by the attitude of the “company” the CEO’s the lawyers they are still being denied – swept away ( probably with a non disclosure clause- and a “settlement of as little as they can give” knowing how it works over here) so the business can succeed – what price “truth?” ….


  2. I don’t know anything about law, but that is disgusting!
    If anyone touched my kids I’d be had up for murder!

    I’m sorry TWB, but for a school to gain an income like that and get that kind of comeback makes my skin crawl and there is no way in hell I would send my kids to that school. Then all the money the lawyers are making means you’re the ones who are losing out and they’re all gaining.
    But I am going to ask the school my kids go to about just how they are covered.
    I’m angry for you guys, but filled with rage about the joke this has all turned into, where do you find your peace in all this?

    F**king lawyers!!!!


  3. Indeed Phil, I am not a lawyer either, I’m simply sharing the questions that have been on my mind.

    I have two answers; 1 as TWBrit and the 2nd as a private individual dealing with much of this.

    1. Sometimes off the cuff opinions turn into rants and this isn’t either helpful in conveying a situation or events. I consider TWBrit as totally separate from me and my life now, so the message is often more important than how I feel about it.

    2 As a private individual my rage, like yours, is something that not only myself – but quite a lot of people find they have to manage before I, we or they do something that shouldn’t be done. We do this mainly by putting a massive amount of faith in our own legal teams.

    But seriously, some of the emails I have received from people just needing to share can be intense and take me back to reliving the experience over and over again.
    I wouldn’t want anyone to stop doing this because they may be at a place I was two years ago and I know what that felt like – I won’t forget it.

    I have a great better half who has also been an awesome counsel in these things I have been through and what I read all the time.
    I also have the guys I went to school with to share and commiserate with also.

    But I have also had several emails from sickos wanting the details of what was done to me and others. These I generally discard now and I don’t receive many at all anymore.

    But yes, I’d check just how well my child or children were covered by any school, it’s a serious question.

    As for what I think these things are worth, well I think I have mentioned them before, but like many, I’d like a day in court, let the world know the truth about the owners of the school, about the lies they told at the trail of Derek Slade and prove that the Sinclair’s knew all along – especially the present Principle who attended as a pupil there.

    Infact I think Lorain’s comment sums it all up quite well.

    This stuff has ultimately taken a toll on this blog and while the blog will close at Christmas. Many early comments destroyed the readership and lost many people whom may well have taken up in support of us. While in itself devastating at the time I eventually removed the posts and wanted nothing more to do with writing about the school.

    BUT… these recent things are just wrong and so I decided to write two posts and leave it. This is my final main post on the school and the events around it; of course I’ll probably still mention it from time to time.

    As the blog closes I will repost all the other things I wrote and pull down the logo and walk away.
    I will leave the blog intact for reference of anyone wishing to know about the school.

    I certainly don’t think there is a figure they could offer me to take it down after the purposeful dragging of time they have taken. Obviously it will go at some point, but not for at least twice the time they have taken in dealing with the claims.

    The blogs servers are not in the UK and are held in countries where freedom of speech is a right – unlike the UK where we don’t truly have any rights until arrested. But I have also considered signing the blog off to another party as well, to keep it safe.

    We’ve waited a life time for all this, we can play the long game very well. But talking to the members of the Protest Group the feeling is that they have until Christmas, after then the protest will become very real.


  4. This morning on the BBC and the fact in the Saville case I believe the Sinclair chap and the school maybe be “vicariously liable”


  5. “vicariously liable”

    Yes I have copied and pasted this–its a brilliant piece sourced by the above.
    Safeguarding is a big word within communities now– looking after victims of any sort of crime, looking after vulnerable persons.
    The Pilkington enquiry can be quoted in this context– she was vulnerable and her Daughter. However she was not !safeguarded!, and the tragic outcome.
    What responsibilities are being undertaken by those not listening to Finborough’s/St George’s victims by others involved in their corner, what recognition is being held and what support have they in place for those victims–NONE!!!


  6. I can’t stop thinking about this post. I’ve sent a letter to the headmaster of my kids school asking for confirmation of insurances and what they mean. Today I’m asking my insurance broker if there are any added insurances I can take out.

    The more about all this I’ve learned, the more I’ve come to believe that these people are pure evil! But I don’t know who is worse!
    To me this Finborough and this John Sinclair is like a purveyors of filth and then try to hide behind how sweet and perfect it all is now. The insurance company just makes my stomach turn. I don’t know who these pro insurance people are or this Tawa Plc mob are but it’s almost like they support abuse. And then the lawyers! The lawyers are as sick as the people who did the abuse!!

    With all this crap going on about Jimmy Savile at the moment who didn’t add brutality and beatings to his handiwork, I feel for the way you guys have been treated and sidelined.
    TWB, thanks for bringing this up and sticking with it because without reading all this I wouldn’t have even thought to ask about the safety of my kids!!


  7. Hi Phil,

    I understand your sentiments and also thank you.
    But you’re feeling the frustration as many do.
    You’ve certainly suggested some interesting comparisons.

    I personally believe in drawing a line in the sand and anything after that I feel people should be able to take the gloves off. That line isn’t far off being crossed now because it has taken so long and there is a real feeling of being taken as fools.

    Indeed, I learned only yesterday that pupils who only went to Wicklewood have not even been approached

    As I stated, there are limits, I think the time is very close for many when they’ll consider that the law of the land has failed us without true redress and for me if that time comes – that would be a very sad day.


  8. Frustation is only part of it–It would be nice of the School to acknowledge any of the pupils stating what went on was wrong and offer to speak to us, but no a total whitewash as if we are something on the bottom of their shoes. With regards to their Lawyers its as if they have been instructed to ignore the Wicklewood troupe–The School no longer exists in name so neither do they, pretend they are not there and they will go away is the impression they are giving and it’s this attitude we are going to elaborate on now over the next few weeks.


  9. “The School no longer exists in name so neither do they, pretend they are not there and they will go “
    Yes revisionist history at the nth degree- only these children did and do exist- they are still part of ” living history”- and one would hope there is still some “honour” in the Britain, I once knew, left to stand up for the child of history …….


  10. Well, Finborough,!!!,anyone or are you all puppets
    whose pulling your strings of silence
    Not one of you has the courage to condemn what happened


  11. Locally here the Boy Scouts of America are making National News for covering up the same sort of vile behaviour from the 1960’s to 1985 here are just two responses from our small local paper -on that situation sound familiar

    The leaders involved in the cover up or burying of these types of activities need to be held criminally responsible as do the abusers.

    We find that not only in the Catholic Church but also in the Boy Scouts there are depraved individuals abusing children and their even more depraved supervisors that supported it all.

    Until the people who helped hide these types of activities are punished severely, it will continue.


    I see they are on the same track as the catholic church (not capitalized in proper pronunciation format for a reason). To shield a pedophile is … well, there is no henious word for it.

    vicariously liable under the LAW and in the name of a civilized society!


  12. I expect there are many that read this blog, maybe some of the abusers themselves from the confines of their cells.
    You can stay and rot there but I may also come and visit you in the prisons and ask yourselves for your account. I may ask how much or who else was involved.

    The school itself wont repent its sins. blanking any form of communication either directly or through a third party. We would arbitrate, but no the School and its staff want to bury their heads as did the staff all those years ago as portrayed in the cook report.

    Speaking to others recently I am reminded of other occasions at the School, incidents which amount to further pages I can add to a statement, further incidents to add to the Solicitors file.

    Ive no doubt the School doesnt need this sort of bad publicity, but I don’t need to be kept away from an apology or blanked by the School. The current climate on the news with Savile runs parallel to our campaign and as the public demand more answers, the same are asked by us– who knew and why won’t the School respond, why aren’t they accepting they need to talk to us and the refusal of the BBC to air the intial findings as described in the Panoroma programme also has similarities to the School’s silence.

    This isnt going away Finborough/St George’s vicarious liability —-remember that


  13. Today’s school, is only going to play ball, when it has something to loose or something to gain.

    As I said in a previous post (badly, I now see). This is now a negotiation.

    What about a more postive approach?

    – that the school does something to remember former pupils who have died in service of their country.(Has anybody (other than Nick Brooks)? I heard a rumour)
    – that there is an alumni network, we can help each other out and the school contributes towards the support and maintenance of the network.
    (not social media based).

    The school might be more open to a more positive approach that benefits former and future pupils… of both St. George’s and Finborough School.

    The school management will have a mucher harder time trying to run away from a positive and constructive “win-win” argument.

    The current strategy reads as being very confrontational, and all that the school will try to do is batten down the hatches and ride out the storm.

    After all, Moreton did not make the headlines Slade did….
    trying to keep the story alive is going to become increasingly difficult unless there is a suprise link to the broader Jimmy Saville and North Wales stories that are running in the press.

    Affirmative action is all very well. The risk is a negative press compromising those that are trying to make legal claims against the school for events in the past. It will also remove much of the positive response that we have recieved from the media and public upto until now.

    Guys, you have had your day in court and you won, there ain’t no pot of gold.
    Try and make something good out of it that might benefit everyone, and will cost Sinclair a few thousand quid every year!!!


  14. Hi Rob,

    I concur completely… In fact the door has been completely left open to them for a couple of years now.

    I/we do see a way not only for us and the school to make a “Win-Win” out of this, but for the school to also carry on forward and probably do very well out of it. I have already written about this somewhere on the blog.

    But I think while that was already hinted at on here, so much time has past I’m not convinced they have any interest in doing so. Besides, if they now did want to consider it – I wouldn’t want to be the person having to go through Google cache to dig all this stuff out and delete it. [لا ترغب في القيام بذلك اما](AA-بن-R)

    To be very clear – we do NOT want to destroy the school in any way; where they are now and what they have achieved is astounding and frankly brilliant. But to this day they have never come forward or apologised or even attempted to.

    There is so much that the school can benefit from – but to even consider it, they know themselves that they’d have to admit all the things they have spent so long denying openly. Don’t get me wrong, that admittance would not be a demand; they would have to do it to accept any movement on their part from the existing status quo.

    Sadly, as such I just don’t think they could do this even if they wanted to because they simply seem unable to see a greater and bigger picture that some of us think is screaming to be shown to the world in a good way.

    With the long drawn out process taking so long and probably driven by their own pride, we have for the most part got or received nothing from the school in the form of any communication. This I truly find astounding. Earlier posts that were removed offered clear open doors to them, but as every day has passed could it not be seen as the definition of Bigotry?

    As for “pots of gold” a few people have had offers of small sums of cash, but many; most, haven’t even been offered anything. No one ever assumed there was a pot of gold other than the net value of the School, its assets and businesses which is a considerable sum.

    Yet what claims there were, were “very” reasonable. Yet they have actually sort to deplete those sums into amounts that are so low it was/is an insult; while the school set about spending millions of pounds on new things.

    It is not the School for the most part that is paying – it is the insurers. So how does this make the school look? Frankly it makes them look terrible so whoever is doing the school’s PR needs to maybe go back and re-look at some of this.

    Only a few had a day in court. It is widely felt by some that one or two people lied through their respective hind teeth when the pupils know otherwise.

    The methods of quiet communication outside of the realms of lawyers has always been left open; through the contact info on this blog, at least 3 twitter accounts and of course the protest site directly. Social media is fine if sent through direct messaging or email.

    Yet after going on for what now? nearly 3 years of legal claims? Nothing, nothing at all… Even the deputy head girl spoke to us, but nothing from the school, from any of the Sinclair’s – nothing from anyone.

    So, where is a line drawn? When do we say “ok, that is enough!” and then when do we decide that? Then; when and what do we truly start as a campaign (i.e. limits)? When should there be the need to begin a degree of affirmative action?

    There is a line now, and it’s very close to being crossed.

    As for references to North Wales care homes and Savile – the dots are being connected not by us, but by the police; those dots do connect others in “office” and positions of greater power. Yet the school could have minimised that impact to almost nothing by now by simply communicating.

    The school does stand to lose a great deal which would be a damned shame frankly; when they could have/still gained so much in a heartbeat if they looked at this from a completely different angle.

    The High Court process will continue on and our day in court will eventually come.

    But I’m seriously doubting if they can even conceive of anything beyond their own mindset. Yet we can…
    So I do concur, I agree with you completely. They have an option, they can take it today, tomorrow and they will be heard… But at the same time – why would anyone go and spend millions on new gear when they have proceedings against them… Why haven’t their assets been seized?

    So they can talk to us, we want the school to honour its history, pupils and have all the things you have mentioned. But time is running out, as too is the time for being reasonable – we’ve been that for a lifetime; while they’ve built a highly profitable business on the back of the misery of others.

    So honestly Rob, I do get and understand completely what you’re saying, but how many years must pass until it is ok to be more forthright?

    The lack of any speed to act at all, the lack of communication and the lack of being totally up front – a complete lack of decisive action could go (heaven forbid) towards an assumption of hypocrisy of the schools priniciples, bigotry and a complete and total disregard for the law and their duty of care…

    I’m hoping it does NOT say it does this, but it tends to lead the onlooker in a direction of sorts.

    The squandering of millions could back up an assumption that they know how to hide money in assets and that they do possibly have much to hide… but it could also state they are bound by a long term commitment, yet without communication – such conclusions could possibly draw someone to this.
    Because if there is another conclusion, in all that is fair – I would like to hear it and so I can back it.
    edit: التحقق المطلوب ] (AA-بن-R)

    If they talk, we’d listen… but they simply don’t!


  15. There are connections via politicians and the establishment in Finborough/St.Georges, N.Wales and Jimmy Savile… You’ll see.


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