Dr Sue Black : Saving Bletchley Park

One of Gabsatrucker and my coolest and greatest friends is Sue Black. I met her via the web years ago when talking about Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park wasn’t only the home of the Code Breakers, and the worlds first digital programmable computers – in fact it was one of British Telecoms most studious of technical training centres and a place where I first learned about technology, telecommunications and much more. But that was 1989 and at that time only a very few people knew of Bletchley Park’s real history. I certainly didn’t before I went there.

Today we all know about Bletchley Park; its impact and ultimately what freedoms together with the vast sacrifice of that time gave us in Europe, UK, the USA and in many countries around the world.

Yet it hasn’t been without a vast amount of work by the team at Bletchley Park and the unbelievable amount of input and some hard work by Sue Black.

Sue is a mom, is funny, zany and probably one of the most intelligent women you could meet. She runs to raise awareness and to raise money for things she believes in and has given herself completely to Saving Bletchley Park as well as supporting women in tech, and pioneering a new approach to teaching tech to children.

Sue has been approached to write about Saving Bletchley Park and Unbound.co.uk has asked her to do a full pitch of her forthcoming release.

Unbound is a unique new-ish system for publishing where you get to participate at various levels.

Please visit HERE or click on the image below to go to the page and video to give it a look. You can’t miss her – she is the one with the pink hair 🙂  She’s growing it now – for charity i.e. I’ll give her £5 if she does 😉

You can learn more about Sue here WikipediaLinkedInFacebookGoogle+Carpool Google Scholar and SueBlack.co.uk


What is a Child worth??

I was pondering recent information regarding settlement offers to abused children with regards the School and obviously in light of recent news about Jimmy Sa-vile. The strange thing is, I guess, is that someone somewhere must put a value on these things and how such an awful job that must be.

I mean, what would it say about what is acceptable? If the amount is very low, what does it say about the moral values of the people making those decisions?

I can’t tell people what to think, it is indeed a fact that we all have varying moral compasses, but what is the value when a child is brain washed, tortured, beaten in an excessive terrifyingly degrading way, the cold fear that runs permanently through their entire body and soul – or worse, direct sexual abuse. Then there is how this affects their entire life, how they interact, how they trust or deal with any kind of authority that they equate to the abuse and suffering they endured as a child…

This is scary stuff and while it’s easy to go to an adult and say “hey, what do you want to go away?”, which is basically what a settlement is in the eyes of those who have to pay it. But then, what if it was your child, how would you place a value on it?

In the case of the School it is seen as a simple insurance claim; however it’s a little more complicated than that. It transpires that the original insurance company was bought by a company called Pro Insurance Solutions (owned by TAWA Plc) and in turn they can’t find paperwork pre 1980-ish. So what they’ve decided to do is honour all claims after 1980-ish themselves and where an individual’s time at the school spans both sides of that period, then Anglemoss (the company that owns Finborough School) should pay a greater or lesser percentage of the agreed amount.

But never mind all that stuff for a minute; the point here is how the responsibility or moral judgement is transferred from the people whose actual responsibility it is – i.e. Anglemoss and the Finborough School.

So it goes from the School to the insurance company, in turn the insurance company doesn’t want the responsibility of making the judgement on the values – so they employ a law firm to make these for them. In this case it’s a firm called Weightmans LLP and moreover a lady called Sally Spriggs.

If you’re up to speed so far – this means the responsibility has shifted to a third entity and one whom has another mandate; to minimise the overall exposure and value of the claims…

And this is where the story darkens…

In the legal world this is an old game, firstly you must not do anything that is demanded, then make the suckers wait and wait until they start to lose hope, then hit them with a far lesser amount and hope they’ll take it and go away give or take a little long term haggling (even if it takes in excess of the two years it’s already taken).

However, what if your claimants are a blood thirsty bunch who want their day in court? Well at this point the game fails somewhat as ultimately this “exposes” the client and can do untold damage to business, reputations and years of hard work.

So while I was pondering all this, I canvassed a few people about offers and I don’t know about you or your own values, but when I heard the lowest offer was in the mid £10ks and the highest I heard was the upper £20k area and of that Anglemoss would not really exceed paying out more than £15k out its own pocket – I was dumbstruck.

But it left me wondering about the people whom decided the value of the things I said earlier, it made me question if they had their own children and if so – is that how they value them? But it also begs the question that if they are parents and that is what they believe the value to be worth – are they suitable to even be responsible for the care and wellbeing of a child.

I have worried over these things and asked questions as though from all sides; business, parent, and of course – victim.  And I really can’t fathom the amounts I’ve heard about. So to you dearest reader, child, parent or pupil; how would you work it out and what should it be worth?

Do these amounts signify that these people would accept this cash from a paedophile to do as they like to their own children?

Well, Finborough annual fees are around £30,000.00… and for kids who spent 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or more years in brutal paedophile hell my simply questions are:-

What is YOUR Child Worth??

What is Finborough School’s true value of a child in their care?

What do Weightmans LLP (under the employ of Pro Insurance Solutions – aka TAWA Plc) think to, and value children being raped and/or beaten by paedophiles?

Because personally – this just leaves me feeling cold and very, well, it’s not for me to say…

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Strange week and a respectful sadness…

On Wednesday, a guy in America died… no surprise, people die all the time. So what was SO different about this guy?

Well firstly, before Hollywood told a minuscule part of his life, there wasn’t many soldiers who hadn’t heard of him. If it wasn’t enough to be a legend in grumpiness, striking fear in those who worked with him irrespective of their rank – his life time of service to his country was staggering.

His C.O. in one of those actions is a man whose very rules of life are things I strive to live by and while history and many people will give little credence to the Vietnam War, his small part in it has become almost mythical.

Indeed, he fought in WW2, took part in the invasion of Sicily, later he landed on the beaches of Normandy, made no less than 4 Combat Jumps and later he did a 5th as he parachuted into the Korean War.

A tough man; rising to the rank of Sgt Major and respected and revered by all who knew or had heard of him.

It was Vietnam though as the Sgt Major to 1 Bn 7th Cavalry Regiment, Custer’s regiment, that standing in the centre of a raging battlefield, armed with nothing more than his mouth, guts and trusty Colt 1911 that his legendary status became complete.

That battle was La Drang; his C.O. was Hal Moore and Hollywood recorded it under the movie title “We were Soldiers”. La Drang was a battle that raged for four straight days and was won through incredible leadership, determination, guts and sacrifice.

In my life, there are truly few people I’d be honoured to meet, most are already gone; But Lieutenant General Hal Moore is one of them and the other… Well the other died on Wednesday:

Command Sergeant Major Basil L. Plumley

A nation should be proud, a soldier to be observant of the character and standard of this man – a standard they’ll never be able to attain.

In other news…

This blogs resident copper – one times PC Charlie… has been busy busting another marijuana farm… No this isn’t in reference to the elderly couple who had a visit from the Police last week after they’d bought, from a car-boot sale, what they believed was a shrub. They took it home, planted it and cultivated it over several years – thus growing it into one of the largest cannabis plants ever seen in the UK…

Charlie and his colleague’s on the other hand raided a rented house that had been turned into a full-scale production facility containing over 730 mature plants sitting under heat lamps and integrated hydroponics systems.

So professional are the people who build these places they have a whole system of engineering ready to go. What they apparently do is rent student accommodation, these are often very large vacant houses; they pay a years rent up front in cash and say there is no need for anyone to come around etc.

Hours later their team go in, run pipes and cables straight through ceilings and floors, bypass the electric meters, waterproof the areas that need it and make sure no one can see the glow of sun lamps from outside and so on… Then they bring people over from China to maintain it…  Well this bust had a street value yield of several hundred thousand pounds if not more and in to the 7 figure brackets.

As he told the local media “Normally they would just bypass the electricity through the consumer unit inside the property but they have done so much damage it has had to be isolated underground outside. This is a very dangerous property. “We have located 736 plants worth around several hundred thousand pounds. “This is one of the largest I have seen in the area and I have been involved in 15 cannabis factory closures.” Sadly Charlie didn’t see or come across a packet of hand rolling tobacco for me  😉

Other stuff…

The last flying Vulcan Bomber will apparently fly for the last time next year… The trust that run it have said they need to make vital modifications to the wings next year that would cost over £200k. They  have asked people to NOT donate or raise funds because if they damage the wings in the process – then the damage is permanent… This is very sad news  – BUT!!!! There are plenty of Vulcan’s sitting around and if this is the case – what the hell were they doing it for in the first place?! I’d like to see one of each of the V-Force flying together and I’d also like to see a Vulcan fly in the true ballistic pattern (some will know what I’m talking about) because every time I’ve seen that Vulcan fly – they’ve never shown what it can really do 😦


This last week we had a bit of trouble with the site. It turned out that trying to post a comment resulted in a “405 nginx” fault. I spoke to WordPress and it got sorted out… The team over there are just great! 🙂

There’s a good reason why Dell is the prefered business machine

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I sometimes wonder if successive governments really understand “Defense”… Because I’m sure that I’m not the only person who simply observes that there seems to be zero logic, understanding or know-how of what it takes to have or even why we have a military at all.  The British Armed Forced have been decimated in the last few years – raped of it’s history, regiments, manpower, self-respect and pride

Basically; remember shock and awe? IT DOES NOT WORK – you need boots on the ground!! Get over it, and welcome to military know-how 1-0-1

See here…

One day, they’ll know why… but with a history like ours – we should know better…

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