Who Could Be Worse Than The Roman Catholic Church? A Company called Anglemoss Ltd!! aka Finborough School

Just when you’d thought you heard it all and like some old investigative hack sitting in a smoke filled office, papers strewn everywhere and the smell of stale coffee almost oozing from the very walls within – all to find another story of pure evil intent… We don’t have to look far to find not only a story to leave you gobsmacked – but left stunned so little has been done about the culprits!

In fact this story has been covered by a very well respected reporter here in the UK. The guy is famous for getting up close and in the face of some of the worse people to enter these fair isles – including the IRA… Yet one story went on for 30 years without anyone really doing anything about it. Furthermore, nothing I’m writing here isn’t known about by the authorities, Members of Parliament and even the Ministry of Defence… Yet it took this long to prosecute one of the main protagonists.

But what about the people in the background, what about the evil that would perjure itself and run away, free of any charge to date.

Our Pryor is John Sinclair… His company; Anglemoss. Anglemoss was set up in 1977 with the view to start a boarding school that’d cater directly to children of serving members of the Armed Forces. As such and because military families tend to move every 2 – 3 years, children’s education are known to suffer greatly with having to always be changing schools in different areas or indeed – countries. These schools in turn often were running or were at different stages of their syllabus. So the Ministry of Defence would pay for schooling at private boarding schools.

Now to send a child to boarding school can be very different for every family, but what it really comes down to is the quality of the school. But pressure to get kids into them are or was quite high and certainly it was almost sometimes seen as a status symbol. The reality of course is that you’re removing a child from the shroud of the family.

John Sinclair soon hooked up with teachers from the notoriously brutal Duncan Hall School and with Derek Slade’s help as the soon to be head of Anglemoss’ new school, and supported by Slade’s paedo sponsor “friend” Labour Party Senior Councillor Derek Sawyer for Islington Council & Chairman of the ‘London Region Courts Board – St Georges school, Wicklewood opened its doors in January 1978 in a disused and derelict geriatric hospital, and I hasten to add – former work house.

[click image to enlarge]

Pressure was on to attain MoD funding approval and during the first two terms little was done in the way of education. In fact the first 15 kids at the school spent around 75% of the time renovating the property.

Hours were long and the rules were strict. Any possible deviation of any type would result in lower half bare naked beatings. As such and obvious that beatings on naked flesh were painful enough, many beatings (which were almost daily at one point) far exceeded what would be classed as reasonable even 40 years further back than in that day. Often bleeding, children were encouraged at every turn to show off their welts, bruises, cuts and injuries to normally no less than a full dorm room of other children – or more. This was such a common practise, no one and certainly no adult or member of the teaching staff would even raise an eyebrow.

John Sinclair knew about much of this, but for the most part did not in any way care; he was more bothered about the bottom line… He would turn up at the school from time to time and be treated like royalty, if the headmaster had a line up outside his office to do the daily beatings – it was laughed about. And sometimes John Sinclair would hand out cigarettes as treats to keep our addictions going and of course keep something going on for which we’d no doubt get beaten for again. In one instance John Sinclair even helped the headmaster Derek Slade force a child into a broom cupboard where he remained incarcerated for 3 days in the dark without food etc.

So then came the next level: While making a child remove their clothing for beating is not only extremely demeaning and as such classed clearly as sexual abuse in a literal sense, but to have a headmaster who makes the children write essays which were effectively “perv-porn” as a detention punishment is frankly just sick. The essays were named simply “Whackings I have Had”. The emphasis was on the detail, children were told to be imaginative, to never write the same thing twice. And this was as close as anyone got for those first few years as an English Language lesson – yet no attempt was ever made to educate or correct the spelling within them.

Not only did John Sinclair know all about what went on, he more than often ignored it, and none more so as when the school moved to the village of Great Finborough in Suffolk. He soon acquired the title of Bursar, as such was very aware of the daily goings on at the school. Frankly at this point the School became a paedophile playground. Often through brutality and late night buggery parties held in the Headmasters house with a stream of paedo guests from outside the school.

Often drugs were used, but never coercion. Children were raped frequently, buggered and beaten and if these things weren’t brutal enough – John Sinclair himself liked to get his hands dirty from time to time – especially while out walking his uncontrolled dogs. In fact John Sinclair, the then owner of Anglemoss, the company that owns St. Georges School was prosecuted for beating a man half to death for fending off Sinclair’s dogs for attacking his dog own while out walking. [see here]

Of course the Ministry of Defence ran two investigations into the school… yet found nothing wrong with it at all – thus sentencing the children (as they had from the beginning) to a life of sexual and brutal persecution. And all under the name of John Sinclair’s Anglemoss…

But the pressure was mounting… A fantastic investigative journalist in the UK called Roger Cook had got involved and was hot on the case of the story of open abuse that no one was doing anything about. Fired staff who spoke up would often be tarred with the brush of “disgruntled former employee” and little action of any type was taken. However, by 1982 things were hotting up, this of course meant that the business end of the school was coming under threat. As such John Sinclair removed Derek Slade as headmaster and placed himself in the same role.  The irony here is the motivation of cash… the school needed to update to bring in more prey children. So basically a man with a criminal conviction for violence, who gave children cigarettes and who helped incarcerate a child in a cupboard for days – was now the headmaster and responsible for the care, nurturing and well-being for hundreds of children – now both boys and girls!

As the former headmaster Derek Slade later got into further trouble at his next school for beatings, John Sinclair changed the school name from St Georges School Finborough to The Finborough School.

Still today owned by John Sinclair, yet while not listed as the owner, it’s obvious who pulls the strings; Anglemoss often claims the school isn’t the same one as St Georges – but it is the exact same school, in the exact same place, the text books still have the St Georges stamp inside and the original logo can be seen everywhere. But frankly is a crude attempt by limited thinkers to whitewash over the reality

Today, The Finborough School still follows in the old tradition under the guise of the new name and instead of John Sinclair as headmaster, his son, James Sinclair now resides there as Headmaster and is listed as a director of Anglemoss. No, I’m not making this stuff up. [see here]

Whether you succumb to the rather “interesting” evidence that John Sinclair gave at the trial of Derek Slade – and by interesting I mean perjury… that is up to you. But one thing I have learned over the years is that if you want to fix and cover up something – then you “own it”… Stand up and say “yes, this happened here, this is what we did about it – and further more – this is what we’re going to do to make sure ALL of our former pupils are ok and taken care of”. In this they would show an open hand, take the responsibility and show to “would be” families and pupils that this is now possibly the best, most truly caring educational establishment anywhere with cutting edge approaches to 21st century education that it is second to none…

But NO… the old school way of thinking is to deny all… and today those pupils, of which I am one, with the aid of several law firms such as Verisona, are suing Anglemoss for damages of those precious formative years that weren’t taken from us – they were destroyed, and in the process turning many into very “bullish” and often very anti-social people with little or no trust for anyone and no respect for authority at all.

The response has always been “it’s an Insurance matter” yet with a stately home as a school, with grounds and even a golf course… if it’s an insurance issue – then fine; the very least that should be paid is the value of the insured amount in the years a child attended the school – shared between the numbers attending at the time – and then brought up to today’s value… and this is at the very least… Then compensate them!!

But what then of John Sinclair and his years of turning a blind eye and covering up such violations of human rights and atrocities in a civilised society? What of Anglemoss the company? And let’s mention a few other companies under his name like Forchild, Bideawhile 178 Ltd that later changed its name to Finborough Hall Services Ltd, then simply “Hall Sevices” and Gag314 Ltd – no doubt probably several other bizarrely named companies to mess about with and these are only the ones listed in Bury St Edmunds. Well strangely enough Anglemoss Ltd no longer lists John Sinclair as a director – but does list : Susan Jane Sinclair, James Robert Welch Sinclair and Louise Nicole Sinclair… One only has to wonder how many Sinclair’s there actually are… It does also list as Stephen Tabley as marketing director.

What has been interesting is that since all this information came into the public domain Anglemoss Ltd have been very busy trying to change and hide their wealth and mess around with the Directorships. As you will see later, they’ve been busy spending a lot of money – but here is an unusually large amount activity within the company formation over the past 3 years. [click image to enlarge and open in a new window]

Anyone would think they’re trying to hide something, or maybe even kill the company off to operate under a different name.

What of John Sinclair? heck with even his son now running the school (a family thing you understand), together they got away scot-free for simply changing the words “St. George’s” to “The”.  Well today we see a local police force dedicated to bringing the School and its staff to justice. Some of the teachers have left the country, others committed suicide. Two are serving prison sentences and of these, the former headmaster Derek Slade is serving 21 years. This road has been long, a life time… and from my understanding the hatred of John Sinclair is about the same as that for Derek Slade. Why? Because he is the one person who could and should have stopped it all dead in its tracks… and simply ignored it until it made a financial impact – then pretends he had nothing to do with anything. The one guy who should have been the saviour and the hero of the hour… was the one guy who ignored all the obvious tell-tale signs and then denied all knowledge, even after the Police, media and even the MoD investigations… The one person throughout whom the buck stops with – denies all knowledge.

But what would I like to see happen…? I would like to see the school sold to a reputable education company. I’d like John Sinclair (and his family) barred from being the director of any company and not allowed on the grounds of any school property anywhere. I’d like to think he could serve 10 years in prison too… but at his age, eh – who knows… I’d like to see individual official school records amended, an acceptance of its past and to see the school that has a real history it honours, the reintroduction of its true January 17th (taken as the 3rd Tues) “Founders Day” and not, like so many people that attended – be cast aside. And at the very least to act in accordance with the original school motto “Be of Good Courage“, or moreover as the present school motto says Ad Summa Nitimur (Strive For The Highest)

Finally; what I’ve written here is actual public knowledge. There are more people who can bear witness to these things than there are those who can defend them. Most of the work investigating the school was done by the pupils, namely Michael Parker and many others, the results of which were forwarded to the Police prompting them to act. The Police are doing just that, and yet as every month passes more and more details of the depth of these things exceeds not just the school, John Sinclair, on through the MoD and right into the heart of the “Establishment”. Anglemoss Ltd and other companies in the name of John Sinclair  or his family still operate, own and run “The Finborough School” and claims it is not, nor was St George’s School (either in Wicklewood or Great Finborough) and that school is run under completely different management yada, yada, yada.

The truth is very different; The Finborough School IS St George’s School and always was. Yet with large pockets, enough to be building a large new £2.3m sports complex, [see here] you know, a place for children to get naked again, the name Sinclair (a whole family of them) and the company Anglemoss Ltd and Finborough School will always be a place noted for its dark history which it never owned up to and simply ignored and hid from everyone.  To add insult to injury; they’ve never even offered to return the school fees to the kids they hurt so very badly, which is proably a lot of money at todays rate.. [Edit: The sum of £2.3m has been revised to £2.5m]

Would you send your kids there?


The Finborough School

aka Anglemoss Ltd 

Not just where kiddy fiddlers worked, but where the most brutal sadistic perverts got away with anything they liked…


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  1. But one thing I have learned over the years is that if you want to fix and cover up something – then you “own it”…” spot on!!!!

    as a mother to think of any child being treated like this or person actually I am sickened – and am also sickened at the very thought the accountability is pretty much non existent… “angle” yeah they have an angle and hefty pockets agenda ……I am at a loss… these people should be made to pay for every welt and bruise inflicted on a child’s body and on their minds…..


  2. Maybe you should send this to the belter and his kin, just so that he knows that we are making roads to legally trash him and his companies.


  3. […] Who Could Be Worse Than The Roman Catholic Church? A Company called Anglemoss Ltd!! Posted: September 8, 2012 in Uncategorized Tags: abuse, alan brigden. alan adrian brigden, ALAN MORTON, Alan Williams Anglemoss Limited, Derek Slade, Finborough school, John Sinclair, Simon Warr, St George's School 0 Who Could Be Worse Than The Roman Catholic Church? A Company called Anglemoss Ltd!!. […]


  4. Well done, please keep digging and publishing and let us have some more historic prosecutions, however far they reach, possibly back into Islington Council Child Care and some former Councillors who are in prominent places elsewhere in Society?


  5. Briliant bit of script. I think its time to widen the information, say to the press in Suffolk to MPs– put this in the public eye once more. The Sinclairs need to be shown for who and what they are– protectors of abusers, trying to hide behind new School names. Finborough is St Georges!!!

    Charlie Wright


  6. […] Who Could Be Worse Than The Roman Catholic Church? A Company called Anglemoss Ltd!!. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]


  7. I have no issues on parading around outside the Finborough(St Georges) School with a placard naming and shaming people still protecting abusers– The press interest would be massive. I dont even think an apolgy has been offered at any level– lets not forget the MOD sanctioned this establishment and even advertised it in the “Soldier” magazine in the 80’s


  8. I think you may have a point Charlie! I see no problem standing outside with placards at all – first day of next term seems like a great idea, or better still, the schools next open day.
    Just thinking about the wording on the banners and placards and just how many people we can get to come along. The first 100 should be easy enough, but then there is the right to roam as well…


  9. Lets see if they take the mick with table meetings this week and initial offers


  10. I have no doubt they probably will take the mick, but with the money they have for capital projects, one at £2.3m and the other a reservoir, and the ability of the value of properties and business to raise a considerable mortgage; I think it’s fair to assume they can pay substantial damages.

    However, I do believe that seeing as they’ve known this was coming for the last 3 years, I question if the investment into these projects was a fool hardy attempt to hide or lose money.

    At the very least I would like a formal apology for what happened, for the depletion of my education and the destruction of family. I want Founders Day reinstating and I want the school to openly “own” it’s past.

    As for what is written here, no… the truth stays where it is. They do however have various options outlined in this post and nothing would please me more than to write that they have indeed stepped up, owned it and done something about it.

    But in every example so far, they have not and they have shown no true intent to do so. As such there is a limit to patience and I think it’s fair to say they’ve pushed that boundary beyond the extreme.

    As for the Ministry of Defence; I believe them to be culpable and complicit – but one thing at a time I guess.


  11. I have received an email asking various questions which I will try to answer the best I can.

    Q: When is, or are there any plans to picket or protest at the school?
    Plans are being drawn up to do just that under the lawful rules laid out on the “Direct Gov” website. As yet, while timings of such events are crucial, a great deal of planning needs to be done and notifications to the appropriate bodies given out. My understanding is that a Facebook page will be set up for people to join and the plans to be shared.

    Q: Why aren’t these people prosecuted under the Sexual Offences Act?
    This is a good question, the trouble is – I’m not a lawyer. But while today we can look at the “Whackings I have had” documents and say they were indeed an enticement to create pseudo-pornography under the Protection of Children Act 1978; the act was predominantly set out for photography. It would be hard to know if any other teachers, staff or the people above read them. If they did, then it is possible – they would have been in violation of the said act due to the sadistic content which they would either have not cared about or got off on thus putting them squarely in the frame anyway. Under the Sexual Offences Act 2003? well then lets just say ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law…

    I must make it absolutely clear though. While I simply can’t believe John Sinclair didn’t know about some of the activities, I do NOT believe he was someone who had partaken in any of them. Did he at any time show a duty of care in any regard as head of Anglemoss during the period from 1977 to 1982 though? Not that I ever witnessed!

    I’m now closing comments on this post. If you wish to comment further please email the comment to twb@twbrit.com
    I’ll give it consideration and post if appropriate. Many thanks 🙂


  12. […] If you want to fix and cover up something – then you OWN IT” You can read about the ongoing fight for justice and recognition of their past here: Who Could Be Worse Than The Roman Catholic Church? A Company called Anglemoss Ltd!! http://twbrit.com/2012/09/06/a-company-called-anglemoss-ltd/ […]


  13. Comments are back Open 🙂


  14. Reading the “back history” in preparing my post I am ashamed that England has allowed the “whitewashing” – I was a young mother when these children were enduring the days of the depraved- I shudder to think of this happening to my children- those that enabled are as much to blame …. I hope you get your day in court and I hope the court of public opinion also becomes as outraged as I feel……


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