There are still real Rockers ;-)

So, after a Ted Nugent concert in Maine the band’s drummer was arrested for what can only be described as latent “Rock Hotel room Syndrome”, something that hasn’t seen the light of day for quite some time – without much in the way of flare anyway. In time honoured tradition, the Rocker must be:

Smashed out of his mind – check

Something must be stolen – check

Major disruption caused – and check…

Yep, Drummer Mick Brown, staggered from the show, stole a golf cart and headed out of the security area. Observed to be driving erratically, security strolled after him and arrested him for DUI…

So my observation…. Is this is really what Rock-n-Roll has come to?!

taken by TWBritAnother rocker was the Washington Monument which suffered at the hands of a real mover and shaker last year when it became the recipient of a 5.5 earthquake. It was a genuine shaker for those inside it at the time… As large scale monolithic needles go, they’ll have fun with the thread on this sucker as it’s going to cost over $30 million to repair and won’t be open until 2014 – which is a quite some time after the end of the world apparently – blame Cern 😉

Other information of note is that recently – Britain is wet…. no real news there.

There was a streaker at the Olympic Torch relay

And finally: the British Army is losing more personnel… Yup, a few years ago they amalgamated all of the regiments into over sized new regiments and simply numbered them as battalions to the new regiment. In the case of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, The Green Howards and the Prince of Wales own Regiment of Yorkshire, they were bundled together into a thing called The Yorkshire Regiment. Now, because they didn’t make a “Yorkshire Division” it was fairly obvious there was going to be more foul play to hand. So after all the regiments lose their own identities being squashed into greater entities (thus destroying the regimental system at its grass root level), it was no surprise that even with the order not to lose any “Cap Badges” (not that they have to anymore). 4 battalions out of the new regiments are to be disbanded… Which in real terms means 4 original regiments

This will bring the total of British Army down to strength of 82,000… And that my friends is totally unacceptable.  As such the UK’s voice in the world has now become one of “put up or shut up” because along with a strong voice in the world – you must have a military big enough and capable of taking on all comers – and we no longer have that. And the last thing? You can’t rebuild regiments from scratch, these now move into history and to be forgotten as too the system that made the British Army so formidable to a man. But until we suffer a defeat the like of which we haven’t seen for nearly a hundred years, nothing will be done about it. So hey, if an enemy attacks in strength – the people at the front end dying will know there is no one behind them to back them up.


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  1. The streaker totally stole the show!


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