Get over it….

I don’t know if you can see the video in other countries from the BBC picture link below – I hope you can. But if you can’t – it’s basically a protest by about 1000 do-gooders opposing the deployment of Rapier surface to air missile systems in and around London for the Olympic games.

So let me make my point clear:

I am a Brit, this country has deployed much worse on it’s doorstep in it’s history. What you’re seeing is a show of force – not the actual end locations… It is unfortunate that these people are not intelligent enough to understand why this equipment is being put out there and given media coverage.

As a Brit I have a very stiff upper lip and frankly if they wanted to deploy these things in my garden (if I had my own that is) – they’re very welcome to. But you’d be surprised to note that I am NOT a gutless lily livered pontsy “peace in our time” whimp!!  Just because they scare you, you can’t go crying to your mother – they’re there to install fear and one hell of a kicking too. So get a grip, get some balls and if you can’t find it within yourself to do that – then at least try to, as they say – Keep Calm and Carry On!!

Or better still – leave!!

Click image to view BBC page

Maybe we should not have the SAS touring London constantly as they do and have done 24/7 for a great many years, because after all, they have been known to make a hell of a mess from time to time – oh that’s right, you don’t actually see them do you…



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  1. Has something upset you my friend lol


  2. Just thought I’d mention it 😉


  3. Now tell me how you REALLY feel- 🙂


  4. LOL I know…. but you’d have thought that with London’s history they’d not care one little bit that air defences are kicking about… After all, they’ve suffered the alternative at one point or another… 🙂


  5. One would think – but obviously some of them don’t 😉


  6. hmmmmmm not anonymous just that woman


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