Get over it….

I don’t know if you can see the video in other countries from the BBC picture link below – I hope you can. But if you can’t – it’s basically a protest by about 1000 do-gooders opposing the deployment of Rapier surface to air missile systems in and around London for the Olympic games.

So let me make my point clear:

I am a Brit, this country has deployed much worse on it’s doorstep in it’s history. What you’re seeing is a show of force – not the actual end locations… It is unfortunate that these people are not intelligent enough to understand why this equipment is being put out there and given media coverage.

As a Brit I have a very stiff upper lip and frankly if they wanted to deploy these things in my garden (if I had my own that is) – they’re very welcome to. But you’d be surprised to note that I am NOT a gutless lily livered pontsy “peace in our time” whimp!!  Just because they scare you, you can’t go crying to your mother – they’re there to install fear and one hell of a kicking too. So get a grip, get some balls and if you can’t find it within yourself to do that – then at least try to, as they say – Keep Calm and Carry On!!

Or better still – leave!!

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Maybe we should not have the SAS touring London constantly as they do and have done 24/7 for a great many years, because after all, they have been known to make a hell of a mess from time to time – oh that’s right, you don’t actually see them do you…



Jane Austen is my Home Gurl Rap…. Funny!!

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The Diamond Jubilee and the BBC

I did not (like all of us) choose where, or which country to be born in. As it happens I was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England – part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (and that’s a fair old mouthful…)

As such and like us all, we grow a loyalty to our respective roots wherever in the world we’re born, and as we do, we go through a fair degree of indoctrination and healthy doses of propaganda to define our national heritage – vital stuff considering we may one day have to go to war with or against other nations. These days, while we are at war, we don’t do it so much now –albeit I can’t think of a time in UK history we’ve ever gone more than 10yrs without a war somewhere… Go figure…

Either way, it leaves a Brit with an affiliation to a Monarch and a history and pride worth dying for. And if you ever hear a Brit question why we have a monarch – these people are generally retarded and have no sense of belonging – empty people, just imagine though, an American saying “why do we want or need our flag – let’s get rid of it”. It is their rally point, and with us the monarch is ours and that is that…

I’m old enough to remember the 1977 Silver Jubilee, it was the height of the Cold War and when they did a fly-past for Her Majesty – it took over 20 minutes, the quality of the diamond Jubilee was frankly a question of whether or not we put 20 aircraft in the sky… They apparently have the planes, hundreds of them, a fair few pilots as well, but spare parts and the fuel?  – Not so much.

The BBC coverage was brilliant in some respects, and nothing short of wondering if you were watching children’s TV in others. While some questioned presenter Ferne Cotton’s coverage of the river pageant – most women on Twitter screamed “What kinda shoes do you call those?!” as disapproval spread.  But the one thing that was seriously apparent was the parochial dumbing down and talking to or addressing the nation as complete and total idiots!! Don’t get me wrong, here in the UK we have as many idiots as the next country. When I say the next country, I have to be careful here as the next country happens to be Fr**ce and they do have a few more, so it’s a general statement 😉

Then came the Jubilee Concert… complete with dodgy ticket sellers =>>>>

I will say it, right here and right now that I couldn’t quite understand what I was watching… If it was some wild pop-centred cabaret act with added Hoola-Hooping and singers whose voices had passed their time, maybe even an over audacious singer who was trying to push it and then salute a nation without headdress on then okay… Though I do think the Welsh contingent seemed to bellow it out quite well. Then there was some kid who looked like James Hewitt’s other son, he even played a toy guitar….Anyway, it turned out that it was supposed to be representative of the most successful artists from the whole Commonwealth of Nations over the period of Her Majesty’s reign. In this they got a few people right, but let’s not forget that we gave the world a harder rock, the most successful selling band album of all time was AC/DC’s Back in Black, those lovable blues rockers who for the most part were born in the UK but now hail from Down Under. But we also brought Disco and Punk, not that I’m suggesting that the Sex Pistols take the stage. But we only have to roll back 10 years to remember Brian May playing the national anthem from the roof of the palace and Ozzy rocking the whole place to bits. Old diehards Quo weren’t anywhere to be seen either – and what about a single track from the Stones, Bowie – anyone…?

Alas there are lots of people who could have really had the place bouncing – but sadly we had a Hoola-Hoop lesson instead. If you thought it was great then please allow me to buy you a bat for self tuition – sorry, but there it is… As for the rest of the Jubilee, it rocked!! Could we have done better?

Only on every bloody level! but hey…. 😉

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So……………………. Alan Turing

Who is he? Some may ask, who was he, or what did he do? Well let my good friend Dr Sue Black tell you and further more – lets get his ass (ok, his head) on the £10 note. And then get the others on it too…

Click on the image below to read the article

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