The people behind the Plane you fly on… The 1000th 777

I’ve never actually liked flying much… oh they can gloss it up all they like, but if you have to sit in Cattle Class for more than 5hrs…(especially after the consumer, security and over priced hell they call the airport) the joy, or,  in some people’s cases fear – soon ebb away to discomfort and boredom (or should I simply say they’re stomped into oblivion).

For me I guess it’s probably because I’m not driving it, giving over supreme trust to the men or women at the front to do their job to extreme excellence every single time they do it. Unlike the pilots who flew that Airbus into the Atlantic a couple of years back!

But way back when, I watched a documentary around the design and extreme testing of the then all new Boeing 777…
From the outset they were designing failure and known crash causes out of it. Not just a little, but totally.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of sitting in the cockpit of a Saudi Arabian Airlines 777 as we travelled over the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus, Syria/Jordan and on to Riyadh. At 44,000 ft these guys office is another existence all together! And I spent a few hours talking with and listening to the pilot, a former fast jet instructor, tell me about his passion for the 777.

To date, only one has ever really crashed. This, as many will know, was due to near impossible set circumstances to recreate – and no one died… This issue has now been completely designed out of all of the 777 systems and engines – thus making the 777 the most reliable and safest passenger aircraft ever made.

Today as an engineer at heart, as a passenger I ride on 777’s and marvel at the concept, the amazing complexity and power from engines with the metal fans blades that are actually grown molecule by molecule and how the fly by wire systems fly the aircraft better than any human could.
I note the smoothness to which a pilot levels off a climb, or responds to cross winds as we are on approach… and wonder if the person sitting next to me truly believes they actually have normal eating habits.  Nowhere will you find more confident pilots and crew than on a 777.

Courtesy of Boeing  here is a video of the people and the passion who make this frankly amazing aircraft.

And finally, just a few days ago  the 1000th 777 rolled out of the Everett Hanger….

So why then have Boeing refused me downloads from their Hi-Res image library…
Oh yeah, 10,000 Boeing related hits on this blog last month just can’t be enough!  The irony? Quite a few hits every month come from Boeing themselves!! Lets hope their over sized heads wont get in the way of building great aircraft!! 😉

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