The Falklands and The Men Who Stand Against Freedom

I have already mentioned previously that the Falkland Islands don’t belong to the United Kingdom of Great Britain…


The same Islanders who have been previously invaded and incarcerated for simply wishing to live peacefully.
Now, while they wish to remain British subjects of HM Queen – they govern and rule themselves…
This is called freedom, they’re a democratic country of their own choosing!

However!! It would appear that headline grabbing entertainers would use this opportunity to denounce freedom, the rights of the people who live there and possibly even make themselves more famous for doing so.

Ok, lets make you even more famous – for being rancid gutless individuals who as fast as they can criticise this nation for things totally untrue, that may claim to speak on behalf of our nation – yet lie in the most profound and cowardice manner known anywhere.
So here is the thing – it is not the fault of our nation that you are uneducated and remorselessly stupid… That you’d hide your self-centred face somewhere in other countries while stabbing a people in the back – and that’s before you even think about talking about the UK and for what?? so you can look good in South America?? and of course make even more money??

Fine, stand against the freedom of a people, stand against anything you like – but DO NOT EVER speak on behalf of me!!

For their contribution to peace, freedom, and human rights
TWBrit happily presents

Sean Penn, Roger Waters and Steven Morrissey

The HUA Award

I wonder if they’ll go and support Syria in slaughtering it’s own people next… hmmm


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  1. It’s all very well saying that the Islanders should be 100% independant, but the simple fact is, right now, they can’t be.
    They are mostly self governing, and self funding, but do not have the finances or resources to defend themselves.

    The Islands Government and Islanders welcome the connection with the UK.

    One day they may well be in that position, and if they want to be 100% independant, then I am sure the UK will pull away from them, but until then, the UK will support them, and defend them.


  2. Indeed, their only support from the UK comes in the form of Defence. They plan to take over the defence themselves once oil revenue starts coming in.
    They have their own economy, taxes and healthcare, so defence is the very last thing.
    They’ll still wish to remain loyal to the Crown, but then once the oil revenue comes into play – they’ll soon become a very wealthy little entity, the like of which we see elsewhere.

    I’m a little gobsmacked that Argentina hasn’t actually tried to buy them out i.e. turn up and offer each person something crazy like £10m cash to give it up and leave. At least they’d find it hard to turn down, or maybe they have – I don’t know.
    But alas, with the possibility of vast oil revenues and a future of tax free living – we could be looking at a Falkland Islands of billionaires within 15 years.


  3. As a teacher at a school just a few miles from the Dachau memorial site, it pains me no end to see such useful idiots fighting over each other to do the most service to the fascist cause. Morrissey would have found his words perfectly at home here in Munich 73 years ago.
    To hell with the principle of self-determination, of hearing the voice of the actual Falklanders themselves, of even recognising the historical record. I am deeply ashamed that such people are allowed to be given the use of British media to spout their fascist ideology despite lacking any qualifications, understanding or experience in the matter whilst proclaiming that they speak for me.


  4. Keir, well said 🙂


  5. Well said TWB – I totally agree- I guess they have their “freedom of speech” to thank and those that gave their all so they could spout their rubbish rhetoric…. and you know this comes down to “OIL”

    As for “Proclamation Penn”

    In March 2010 he called for the arrest of those referring to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela as a dictator

    Ahhhhhhhhh I guess it is OK calling for the arrest of people exercising their freedom of speech– especially when in February 2009 he stated ( supporting Gay marriage )

    “We’ve got to have equal rights for everyone!”

    ( I guess except those that disagree with him, then they should come under the jack boot of censorship and arrest..

    In February 2012, he stood beside Hugo Chavez while Venezuela supported the Syrian government during the 2011–2012 Syrian uprising.

    The man is the “king of sound bite proclamation ” in order to see his name in the media……..


  6. I totally agree, Mr Penn really should just keep to acting!
    But on the subject of oil… How big is this Oil Field and why hasn’t Argentina tried drilling for it anyway?
    With the horizontal drilling methods now employed, they’d still be able to drill outside of the exclusion zone if the oil field was that small.

    Hugo Chavez,. now that guy really does have a sense of humour! really, he should have been a comedian 😉


  7. ah you just have to whisper “oil” to start a feeding frenzy by the sharks of commerce and governments of speculation 🙂


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