Does Argentine sabre rattling know no bounds?

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The other day, some Argentinean guy stands up in front of the UN and accuses the UK of deploying a nuclear armed Vanguard class (think Ohio class if in the States) to Falklands Islands and in doing so breaking Treaty of Tlatelolco!!

So time for a few facts and a little commonsense me thinks!!

Now the Treaty of Tlatelolco is basically where all nuclear weapon countries agreed not to deploy nuclear weapons within the certain areas – here is the map with the blue area being the nuclear free countries etc.

Argentina is a nation that invaded another country, killed and disappeared its own people, harbours known Nazi’s and who sent its own conscripted young men to die upon the end of a blood letting bayonet, on the freezing hills of an island they claim yet do not know.

One can only hope that this persistent crying “wolf” will soon be seen as it is – otherwise we might need to do as they actually claim and I really don’t think they’d like that.
So absurd is the allegation that while there will be a nuclear “powered” hunter-killer not too far away, a Vanguard Class has no business being there at all and doesn’t need to be..
Because the Vanguard class carries the Trident II (D5) UGM-133A missile, infact it carries plenty of them and the range of these things has varied reports for obvious reasons, but most agree at them being around 7500 miles.
So lets just say the T2 D5 does have a 7500 mile range… do you really think it even needs to leave port to be a threat to Argentina? Travel at an operational cruise speed of 5 knots or even its main speed of over 25 knots to the South Atlantic?
Hell no, with Buenos Aires being only 6991 miles away it can do its damage from the quay side in its Scottish home port with a missile that will fly at 18,030 mph (Mach 24).

And here is the kicker – at 8.06 miles per second, flight time = 14.45 minutes… with a payload of not 1, but 8 warheads…
So, the only question is “will they be W76 or W88 warheads or a combination of both?
Well, who knows?.. But if you want the earth to move baby, either of these suckers will do it 🙂

If the Hiroshima bomb was the yield of 12 – 18kt, you’d be pleased to know that the W76 warhead is that of 100kts and the W88 warhead is 475kts and thankfully they are limited to 8 warheads per missile by treaty from 12 warheads per missile. Each Vanguard Class has 16 tubes for these unlike the US Ohio Class which of course has 24 tubes.
I’m only guessing they would be a mix of both ground burst and air burst. The real difference is that an air burst weapon, there is no mushroom and therefore no fallout (or little).But this also creates greater blast devastation. A ground burst obviously creates the mushroom, thus sucking all that debris and dust up through it that in turn becomes radioactive and returns to earth as fallout.

Now, I’m not in anyway knowledgeable about naval let alone Submarine warfare… But to me the moving about of Vanguard Class, Ohio Class or any SSBNs is a game of silent secrecy in fact I’d argue only a handful of people at any given time know exactly the location of our patrolling one. So how then does Argentina claim to have information regarding the whereabouts of one of our nearly 500ft long Vanguards??
What I can tell you right now is that 3 of them are in port… the other, well –

who knows 🙂
Either way, if these weapons were pointed at Argentina, Argentina would have rise to be worried. If all 16 missiles were W88 headed on a single sub which would mean Argentina is looking down the barrel of 60.8 Megatons of total devastation – and that is a long way from 12 to 18kts of Hiroshima… yet only 14.45 minutes away (tea breaks allowing). But seeing as there are 3 in port and one out and about, I’ll let you work out that over all math.
Technology eh?…
And to all those complete morons who say “Computers! I wouldn’t know how to switch one on!”  Thankfully someone does 😉

Or as Stevie Ray Vaughan once said “If the house is a rocking, don’t bother knocking” 😉

To the people and politicians of Argentina;
What you’re doing is not the way forward –THINK!!! Because you are slowly starting events that have no place in a free world.
There are ways to do things and gain considerable ground on some issues – but what you’re doing is probing our defences by accusation and it stands out a mile. These are hostile acts and no one is going to tell a possible enemy where its own forces are… but your constant accusations are enough to re-address the defences and strengthen them in the very least.

Last time, you didn’t prod the hornets nest, you went and gave it a damn good kick – now you’re probing, are you really sure you want to be doing it this?

So the up shot is this… We’ve had this capability for years… nothing you say will change the UK’s ability to do this if it was needed. So seriously… take a moment to have a word with yourselves,  think about it,  and stop accusing us of your Bull Sh*t to the rest of the world.
For a nation with no effective early warning system against this type of weaponry, if we were to use these – the only thing you’d need to know is that at the very least the entire population of Bueno Aires will reach 10,000 degrees in less than a second!
And yet we remain restrained… UNLIKE you, we don’t want to use these weapons, but with your nations modern history, you’d use them in a heartbeat.

As for the locations of the Astute Class – enjoy 😉


Kewl as Cool gets

Now, in a couple of weeks the olde TWBrit will hit the ripe old age of late 40 something… 😦
However, while I was considering another completely crazy and probably unrealistic present list I came across this little nugget that Rockposer put on his Facebook page.
I gotta say, I love it!!

Marshall have emailed me since I posted this point out that they’re running a promo where you can win a free one 😉

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Yesterday was the repatriation of one lad from 1 Lancs. and 5 lads from 3 Yorks (Duke of Wellington’s Regt.).
They died after their Warrior armoured fighting vehicle hit a massive IED in Lashkar Gah, Helmand, Afghanistan. This type of thing is what the Warrior is built to withstand to a degree, but apparently while all is not yet known, it’s believed the munitions inside the vehicle ignited killing all on board.

Yesterday, along with thousands of civilians, RAF personnel, the battalion and hundreds from many other units and regiments. I stood in silence as the 6 hearses (+ 1 spare) came past and stopped for the families and friends to pay their respects.

This, as many Brits know is something that started in the town of Royal Wootton Basset on the main road between RAF Lyneham and the M4 motorway. Lyneham has now closed and has moved to RAF Brize Norton.

The so-called Repatriation seems a little too orchestrated now, run by the Oxfordshire County Council with people in Hi-Viz suits that stand firmly out against a crown of mourners (as such I have to admit, I thought they looked like a group of escaped Ronald McDonalds at first) .

In the hours of cool spring air that passed as we waited,  someone from the houses behind the area was cooking up a ferociously great smelling curry, a major distraction to the hundreds of soldiers. As the smell crossed the waiting crowd, you could see the heads of “Squaddies” turn in a wave… with obvious thoughts in every single mind “is there beer with that?” as the sudden onset of hunger struck.

It is what it is, but for those few moments the bodies of people who stepped into the line of fire and did what most have not got the fortitude for, came past – the silence becomes deafening. People before the main area brace, come attention and salute without word of command. As the cortege enters the main area, only then is an order to come to attention given, flags are lowered and the crowd move forward as the vehicles come to a stop. Even the children who had become fractious from standing in the cold for over 2 hours also fell silent.
It is a place where there aren’t toilets, refreshments or anything – just the side of a road where people gather, and today they gathered in the thousands.

It was a day I learned much too, and with the swallowing up of the Dukes into the Yorks, much is no longer recognisable and much of Wellington’s history passed away in a newer badge, a combined history. Listening to the guys tell me how many have left due to the boredom of being an armoured training unit for years now since amalgamation has taken its toll. Strange seeing as the Dukes used to be the most over subscribed regiment in the British Army.

As too, was the frankly bizarre knowledge that battalion members had to make their own way there, such is the modern army of today. Some were even on guard duty overnight, but still came.

Today as those same men are back at barracks they’re all doing the CO’s Iron Man course and prepare to embark on their own journey to Afghanistan.

The Yorkshire Regiments cap badge is taken from the upper half of the Dukes cap badge. It embellishes the White Rose of Yorkshire and says Yorkshire in the scroll beneath. The missing part of the Dukes cap badge are two scrolls; the lower one was simply “The West Riding” (the recruitment area) and the upper was “Virtutis Fortuna Comes” meaning Fortune Favours the Brave (not “bold”, boldness is a fleeting thing, bravery is of the heart). It is now permanently translated to English and is the moto for the entire Yorkshire Regiment.

As I shook the hands of many today, I feel the history that once was, is now all but gone, it was with that sadness I turned away from my last handshake and left.

The regiment is a very different place now. Repatriation is vital and important, but the Ministry of Defense seriously need not cheapen it by using cheap nylon flags!!
And in a conversation with a senior rank of another regiment, I simply asked “Just how shitty is it over there?” His answer after several tours “Real shitty!” . I felt there was more to that and had a feeling I knew what it was, we nodded and parted our ways.

Fortune does favour the Brave… But it does today under the name The Yorkshire Regiment and not the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, and as such, it is time to lower the flag, roll up the stable belt and shield and box them up for a time in history when they maybe remembered by someone who will know what they meant.

An Army is a tool of government, they go where they are sent and do as they’re ordered – it is a simple as that. They have no say in what should or shouldn’t be fought over… In these places, soldiers fight for each other, their buddies and the regimental family… they have little belief in flag waving or the politicians that do such bidding… They do their job, they fight to live and survive and come home. In this I will always support the work of the fighting man, because if you’ve never put on a uniform, you simply do not know. And frankly, who knows better of Afghanistan than those who have fought there.

To Cpl Jake Hartley, Pte Anthony Frampton, Pte Christopher Kershaw, Pte Daniel Wade, Pte Daniel Wilford, and Sgt Nigel Coupe, Thank you for your service and sacrifice, I know you did not want to die, yet you still put yourself in harms way for a nation who for the most part often seem ungrateful – but for those who know… they truly are the people who care enough to say simply


And with that, I went home myself, to visit my mother – unbeknown to me, also for the last time.

March : In like a Lion and out like a Lamb

Or so they say…

Today I decided to sign up to Adobe’s Pre-launch software program in the vain of Photoshop CS6. You see, pre-launch software is vital and works for 12 months. As you can see on and around this blog, shop etc I use Photoshop CS2 a lot. I have tried trail software, but feel it rarely lasts long enough to be able to achieve enough of an understanding to commit to purchasing. At the same time Adobe, the number 1 graphics, audio, publishing and movie software company needs to get a real feel of how user friendly new things are and if there is anything wrong anywhere. I hope I’m accepted and of course if I am, there will be much Adobe talk in the future 🙂
I must add that this in no way will improve my artwork on the grounds that my mind is apparently a dangerous thing, or place 😉

This months and of course this week sees the beginning or South By South West (SXSW) over in Austin, Texas and I certainly wanted to be there this year.
The reason I’m not is the shear cost of the tickets!!
Austin makes a lot of money from SXSW, in fact it’s becoming the major source of income for the city, after of course, companies like Dell etc.
SXSW is the only event of it’s type in the world covering Tech through what it calls “Interactive”, and since its integration with the music and film, parts of sxsw it has been a place of real action, it was after all where Twitter got its hold on the world.

There are many that say the event is now losing it’s brilliance, innovation and energy to advertisers and end user tourism “CES with entertainment” was one quote.
I can’t comment personally because I haven’t been to it and with new knowledge that next year Sue Black and Gabsatrucker will be going together in 2013, it will leave sxsw uncharted territory (albeit, so help Austin 😉 )
There is more on this and the ever evolving sxsw on a post by Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron HERE
If you’re at or going to SXSW this year, I’d certainly love to hear your thoughts on all of the above. I feel it would be a great shame if it has become too commercialised and would love to know if there are ways to prevent it from becoming so.

Buddy Kevin down in Devon sent me an eBay link to something a little unusual.. a 6×6 Discovery – yep, they did make them and here it is.

[UPDATED] Next week will see the repatriation of 5 members of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment family (3Yorks) and a member of The King’s Own Royal Border Regiment (1 Lancs) to the UK after their sad loss in Afghanistan – a war that needs now to drawing to a close.
For those interested  Tuesday 20th March 2012 The plane will land at approx 1:30pm and the cortege will pass by the Memorial Garden at between 4:30pm and 5:00pm, reaching the John Radcliffe Hospital at around 6:00pm

I recently watched a fantastic interview with CBS Correspondent and native S.African Lara Logan at the Washington DC Press Club.
Lara has been in the press a lot over the last year due to her being attacked and almost killed in Cairo in 2011.
She has been in every major hotspot around the world for more than 10yrs and it becomes very apparent that she has a real insight, knowledge and a firm grip on the pulse of what is going on in the world, especially with regards Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa.
I respect this journalist very much and kinda wish she had her own “no holds barred” tv news channel that shows just how bad things really are in places. As for her personal life, the media seem to have taken a great interest in this – yet private lives are always kinda awkward and I certainly have no interest in that.
She is a very serious person, I certainly doubt she’d ever come by this blog, but if she did – I’d give anything to sit down and have a conversation with her.
Here is the interview/talk.

The people behind the Plane you fly on… The 1000th 777

I’ve never actually liked flying much… oh they can gloss it up all they like, but if you have to sit in Cattle Class for more than 5hrs…(especially after the consumer, security and over priced hell they call the airport) the joy, or,  in some people’s cases fear – soon ebb away to discomfort and boredom (or should I simply say they’re stomped into oblivion).

For me I guess it’s probably because I’m not driving it, giving over supreme trust to the men or women at the front to do their job to extreme excellence every single time they do it. Unlike the pilots who flew that Airbus into the Atlantic a couple of years back!

But way back when, I watched a documentary around the design and extreme testing of the then all new Boeing 777…
From the outset they were designing failure and known crash causes out of it. Not just a little, but totally.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of sitting in the cockpit of a Saudi Arabian Airlines 777 as we travelled over the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus, Syria/Jordan and on to Riyadh. At 44,000 ft these guys office is another existence all together! And I spent a few hours talking with and listening to the pilot, a former fast jet instructor, tell me about his passion for the 777.

To date, only one has ever really crashed. This, as many will know, was due to near impossible set circumstances to recreate – and no one died… This issue has now been completely designed out of all of the 777 systems and engines – thus making the 777 the most reliable and safest passenger aircraft ever made.

Today as an engineer at heart, as a passenger I ride on 777’s and marvel at the concept, the amazing complexity and power from engines with the metal fans blades that are actually grown molecule by molecule and how the fly by wire systems fly the aircraft better than any human could.
I note the smoothness to which a pilot levels off a climb, or responds to cross winds as we are on approach… and wonder if the person sitting next to me truly believes they actually have normal eating habits.  Nowhere will you find more confident pilots and crew than on a 777.

Courtesy of Boeing  here is a video of the people and the passion who make this frankly amazing aircraft.

And finally, just a few days ago  the 1000th 777 rolled out of the Everett Hanger….

So why then have Boeing refused me downloads from their Hi-Res image library…
Oh yeah, 10,000 Boeing related hits on this blog last month just can’t be enough!  The irony? Quite a few hits every month come from Boeing themselves!! Lets hope their over sized heads wont get in the way of building great aircraft!! 😉

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The Falklands and The Men Who Stand Against Freedom

I have already mentioned previously that the Falkland Islands don’t belong to the United Kingdom of Great Britain…


The same Islanders who have been previously invaded and incarcerated for simply wishing to live peacefully.
Now, while they wish to remain British subjects of HM Queen – they govern and rule themselves…
This is called freedom, they’re a democratic country of their own choosing!

However!! It would appear that headline grabbing entertainers would use this opportunity to denounce freedom, the rights of the people who live there and possibly even make themselves more famous for doing so.

Ok, lets make you even more famous – for being rancid gutless individuals who as fast as they can criticise this nation for things totally untrue, that may claim to speak on behalf of our nation – yet lie in the most profound and cowardice manner known anywhere.
So here is the thing – it is not the fault of our nation that you are uneducated and remorselessly stupid… That you’d hide your self-centred face somewhere in other countries while stabbing a people in the back – and that’s before you even think about talking about the UK and for what?? so you can look good in South America?? and of course make even more money??

Fine, stand against the freedom of a people, stand against anything you like – but DO NOT EVER speak on behalf of me!!

For their contribution to peace, freedom, and human rights
TWBrit happily presents

Sean Penn, Roger Waters and Steven Morrissey

The HUA Award

I wonder if they’ll go and support Syria in slaughtering it’s own people next… hmmm

Boeing receives a few certificates

Yup, in the ever expanding global competitiveness of new aircraft, Boeing has had a few things to shout about regarding the new 787 Dreamliner.
In fact : Jonathan Gaffney, president and CEO of the National Aeronautic Association, presented Boeing with two certificates confirming the official status of the two world records earned by the 787 in 2011.
The airplane earned records for completing the longest flight for an airplane in its weight class with a 10,336 nmi (19,142 km) flight to Dhaka, Bangladesh. This record had previously been held by the Airbus A330 with a 9,126 nmi (16,901 km) flight in 2002.
I’d say the extra 1210 nautical miles pretty much smashes it 🙂

Also in the last few days, Boeing delivered its first VIP format 747-8 to an undisclosed customer.. The VIP product line is of course in the “Private Jet” class and all I can add is “Wow!!”
However, it’s reasonably well documented that a well known Russian billionaire has actually ordered an Airbus A380 for a staggering sum of money – but I gotta ask; “what the hell do you do with all that space?”

Of course, regular readers will have noted that just before New Year I spent a little time in Roswell, New Mexico.  Now, with all the usual fun tourist stuff going on, I forgot to go the former Walker Air Force Base just to the south of Roswell. Of course this base was significant in the Roswell legend and while buying up t-shirts as proof of my visit, I simply forgot. You see while the former Walker AFB is now a parking site for many airliners, it’s also a place Boeing carries out many of its tests on new aircraft, especially regarding the 777 and 787.  Obviously Christmas week wasn’t the ideal time to catch anything cool going on, but nevertheless, I think i’d have liked to stop by.

I’ll finish this aviation post with news that if you wish to get a look at the 787, it’s actually on tour and details can be found HERE

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