A passion less followed

In the world of Off Road Driving, one is schooled in the basic fundamental necessity of the requirement to get driver, machine, tools, people, equipment or supplies from point A to point B.  This is  done by a given set of practices in order to arrive at a destination with all persons, equipment and vehicle in a good safe order.
Part of this requires the skilled practice of the all important right foot, along with sound vehicle knowledge, the operation of how four wheel drive works and implementation of methodologies like the US ‘tread lightly’ or here with the Land Rover ‘fragile earth policy’. (yawning yet?)

But then,  there is The Riphay Scuffle…
Until a few short months ago I had no knowledge of this event until introduced to various videos by lady who is renowned for being down to earth and an excellent purveyor of sound British commonsense.  After watching videos, I became interested so contacted this blogs very own WKD.   WKD in turn told me that no less than her very own husband ‘C’ had won the event twice before the days it became a free for all.
Today was the 2010 Scuffle and after only two hours sleep, I embarked  to find the said place.

Arriving down typical Devon lanes and being £10 lighter, I found the most extremely bizarre, if not the most mental fun on the planet…
Basically get any old 4×4 and let rip, barge, shunt, wallow and thrash the butt off it around the course…
Now, the other thing to mention is that this is a non commercialised event… Yes there is an entrance fee, beer tent and BBQ – but that’s it…. nothing else! It was after all, a farmers only private get-together originally.
Did I mention the beer tent?
It won’t take any onlooker long to realise that a good proportion of the drivers are somewhat inebriated and that just adds to the hilarity of this fun and somewhat challenging event.

It was constant action all the way, thrills spills and just about any other cliché you can care to mention. It’s also fair to say that in some circumstances – man and machine were NOT in perfect harmony or anywhere close to it.  Another interesting thing was the amount of 4×4’s running girl only crews!

It’s simply fun and everyone is helpful and in a good mood. You do get the odd remark, but in all, it’s just a great day out whether you’re participating or simply watching, it’s well worth going – just to witness the crazy mayhem…

What really amazed me is there were actually some people who didn’t get covered in mud

I was clearing out the old camera memory and sorting stuff out before going to work and here’s another vid I just found on the memory card.

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  1. Looks great fun!


  2. So I too was watching engines with wheels and those that drive them at Mid Ohio American Le Mans series…. …cost a lot more that ten quid though and considering I ran up against the rudest man in Ohio ( he will be pictured on my blog when I have calmed down enough to be lady -like in my description of him and his “wife”……one of the Hines’ Clan was racing. to a bit of a family reunion was taking place …. The Hines contingent led the race for his leg of the event…must have been all that practice on the roads near Bishop’s Nympton 🙂 looking for family 🙂 however I must admit your description of your day was eerily similar to the “golf carts ” that ferried us about…. it was more likeriding the ATV than a golf cart.. whew still not sure if I still have everything I started the day with ….as for the men ( jock straps will be required! )


  3. What a brilliant description of a wonderful day, in a beautiful place, with such a spirit of fun & freedom. Truly the best of British x


  4. Was that young the KMA I spotted waving as she passed by?


  5. TWB, You didn’t enter this? I can’t believe YOU didn’t do it.
    I can’t find much out about it other than YouTube and a basic Facebook page.
    Remember when we drove 50 miles over bright white sand and you were the lead vehicle. You couldn’t see any undulations etc until they happened. Then you stopped, got out of the drivers seat and vomited!
    First time I’d ever seen a driver get travel sick. Until the next person took the lead lol.

    Are you going to do this next year?


  6. OFF ROAD!!!!

    Get pissed and drive 4X4s legally! Fantastic idea! Give us a shout next time. Check out my one wheel drive OWWWW!


  7. ps great post about your school days. very sobering


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