King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia



I have mentioned on this, (and on other blogs) that the former Crown Prince now King of Saudi Arabia is a good guy wanting to move his country forward. To shake off the old rules and take his nation firmly into the 21st century bringing more open freedom to his people including the women.

I’m a firm supporter of King Abdullah, he is aware of his county’s abdullah001needs and the long standing wish to move towards democracy.

The problem has been the houses of power within Saudi, especially the religious rulers, who stand firmly against reforms of any type.

Well today this great King has started his more direct approach and while I’m a Brit who has travelled all over the Kingdom, I can’t quite believe how direct he has been.

 This what the BBC has reported;

 King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has sacked two powerful religious officials in a wide ranging shake-up of the cabinet and other government posts.

One of the dismissed men was the head of the controversial religious police force. The other was the country’s most senior judge.

The king asaudi-symbollso appointed the country’s first-ever female minister and replaced the head of the central bank.

Correspondents say such government reshuffles are rare in Saudi Arabia.

King Abdullah, who came to power in 2005, has for a long time had the reputation of a reformer – and the latest appointments have the makings of one of the biggest shake-ups in Saudi public life for many years.

It’s been a while since I travelled the Dammam highway, shopped in the Kingdom centre or bought chicken shawarma’s on Olaya and I miss the place. In my view – King Abdullah rocks!


Abdullah held a conference at Mecca in June 2008 to urge Muslim leaders to speak with one voice with Jewish and Christian leaders and I pray for the future of this great nation and it’s people.



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