Devon, beautiful or a drop out centre for famous ‘has-beens’?


As many of you know, I live presently in the English county of Devon.

Some say it’s possibly the most beautiful county in the UK.  I didn’t come here by choice due to a contracting misfortune in Dubai.



The pace of life in Devon is slow, very slow. It is a rural county that supplies the majority of the UK’s dairy industry and has two coastal borders as well as stunning beaches and rolling hills.

The villages are so amazingly quaint and many of the roads are literally cart width.

As such, during the summer months tourists travel far and wide to come and stay here and in the off season we have some wealthy and often famous residents whom have made Devon their home.

From Formula One’s Nigel Mansell who owns a large golf course here, Ian Gillan of Deep Purple, A certain member of Led Zeppelin and this is only the beginning of the list.

At certain times of the year it really is amazing who you’ll find next to you at the supermarket checkout, or sitting in the corner of your local pub or even in the local Fish & Chip shop.

So imagine my horror when it would appear we’re about to get some more of them.


The ENTIRE Jackson family a buying hideaway here!!

Oh JOY!!

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