Women wanna drive in Saudi (are they mad?)

A group of women are to lobby King Abdullah (good bloke) for the first time ever, to be given the right to drive.

This a tough call for the king and one that could cause a great deal of trouble no matter which way he decides. It is more than likely that the right to drive will turned down at this point, but it’s only the begining. 29saudi_xlarge1.jpg

To be honest, it takes a lot of guts to drive on the highways of Saudia Arabia. In fact the number one cause of death in Saudi is ‘Road Kill’. Bad driving is every where and Saudi is not a country to suffer a bout of road rage, unless you like trouble – the kind that will beat you into submission

 That said, they can’t be any worse than the guys driving – my guess is that in the long term, it’ll be a better, safer country if they did let them drive.

But then, they ARE women and women and cars……

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  1. i think that’s it’s more about the liberation & womans’ rights than the actual physical act of driving. Although driving would give women a huge amount of freedom.


  2. In Saudi, the ability to drive would allow so many, many freedoms I doubt they would allow it – especially as it would give them the freedom to run away


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