Holiday, Vacation – call it what you will…



During a recent conversation, I realised and agreed for the first time in my life – I need a holiday/vacation.

While I’d love to drop everything and leggit, but that’s not an option right now. So in the latter part of this year I plan to take a break and do what I love the most – travel.

But I don’t like doing the whole ‘tourist’ thing. I like to go to a place, hang out, learn about it and then move on.

So, the question I have is this – Where?

Please feel free to offer suggestions, but I am working on the fact that Hell is not open as a holiday location before anyone suggests it.

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  1. Gitmo


  2. Monte Carlo, Spa, the Nurb, I hear Montreal is quite nice… Singapore, perhaps a little night stroll by the water?


  3. lol, you’re a bad man el duck. It would cost a fortune – not the going there, but what all the extras would cost. Singapore sounds good though.


  4. I hear there’s a very good play opening on Broadway next month 🙂


  5. Try Key West, Fl! You can’t beat their sun sets.


  6. Hey, I never thought about the Keys… and i’ve certainly never been there.
    Cheers Mrs B.


  7. Australia/New Zealand with a couple of stop offs along the way. India. South America or Africa. There is a BIG world out there. Singapore is just one big shopping centre, boring. The place has little character. Little India is interesting if u did end up there.
    Don’t be limited by anything. Join the Couchsurfing network where you can stay with like minded people for free.
    Happy planning


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