Ok, the ‘blu’ is apparently the colour of the laser they fire at the disk…. But I think it’s more to do with the language you will use if you try to buy one!

Blu-Ray readers start at just over £100 (US/Canadian readers should just double the GBP figures) and a Blu-Ray writer costs…… wait for it….. Over £500!!!!

What is worse is the fact the writers only burn on one side and it’ll be sometime before the double sided burner comes out.

Well don’t get me wrong – BUT;

We all knew Blu-Ray was gonna win. We’ve waited since around 2002 for this technology to become available.


SO many times we say that these prices will come down as people buy more – but that is a stupid argument now… why? Because manufacturers historically try to get their R&D money back on products they’re not sure will take off – but get this, Blu-Ray has no competition, the industry has been waiting over 5 years for it’s full release and none of the big manufacturers thought to market them at a price whereby lower item profit will mean greater sales and a faster return. Just what kind of ‘stupid’ are these people?

But here is the kicker – the Blu-Ray battle has gone on for so long, at these prices they’re no longer viable. The reason? it’s the good old trusty memory stick. You no longer have to buy expensive DVD’s, you can download everything now and memory sticks are just about to double in storage to 16gigs. So, unless I have to buy a Blu-Ray for a work application, I will no longer be looking to purchase a piece of equipment that was purposely held back from market for 5 years.

Sony, you’re a sandwich short of a picknik!

A single side recordable disk is over £20, and only holds 25gig. An 8gig memory stick costs less. So in a couple of years when a memory stick holds at least 32 or more gigs – the memory stick will be the better cheaper option.

Heck, we’ll probably have boxes full of little memory sticks that take up so little room compared to disk storage.

I just don’t think this has been thought out very well at all. The bottom line is they must cut these prices by at least 55% before the year is out. Or hold back the huge advancements in memory technology – anyone care to guess which I bet it will be?

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  1. Blu-Ray’s lack of competition is only a recent development; remember, it was only a week or two ago that HD-DVD folded its tent and went home.

    You’re essentially proposing the flash drive/memory stick as a competing format to the Blu-Ray disc, and that’s fine. But consider:

    Before the memory stick/flash drive becomes a medium for releasing movies (which is, remember, the primary reason for Blu-Ray discs’ existence), someone’ll have to decide on a standard for saving those movies to the flash drive.

    THEN we’ll have to have some simple method of getting those movies off the flash drive and onto the TV screen… and by simple, I mean “other than a computer”. You and I may laugh at the triviality of connecting a computer to a TV (even though I can’t do it with my present setup: the computer is on the far side of my living room from the TV, and the TV doesn’t have the right inputs. My projector, on the other hand… mmmm, F1 races on a 80″ screen, tasty!), but my mother or stepfather would despair.

    Yep, someone’ll put USB ports in a TV (in fact, I think it’s already been done), and then eventually a decoder to read the content of those flash drives and play them on the TV (like a built-in DVD player), but how many years will it take the companies to decide to do all this? Five? More? And how much will these things cost?

    Or will they just sit on the Blu-Ray player instead, as the prices come down?


  2. As you can tell, the post is a writing of frustration, but non more so than finding out the duck has a projector to watch F1 on…..AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!
    That’s just not right! lol
    No, I agree with you, there are issues involved.
    Recently my mother bought a new LCDTV and frankly it’s connectivity was astounding. The thing is far more tooled up than my own PC.
    But I really do believe that we’re not so far from the simplicity of popping a stick into a TV. Heck, the things even have Xd picture card readers on them now.
    It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out, but moreover while the techheads work out the issues like transfer speeds etc, we watch and wait for a movie industry to decide the actual course of this technology.


  3. There are drawbacks to the projector, ‘Brit. It’s old, so it’s only 640×480 resolution. It’s also huge, weighing about 15-20 pounds and almost two feet long. It can only be used at night (or in some room without ambient light), though that’s been fixed a bit by the high-quality screen (which is a pain to set up, to be frank).

    However, it and the screen were free… so that fixes a lot of ills right there.


  4. With that I can only agree.
    I’ve been toying with the idea of a projector for a while. I have a perfect wall for it too, but there are far too many darn choices out there.
    I see they’re bringing out mobile fones with mini projectors in them next. As if the N95 battery isn’t weak enough already.But at least the lamp is an LCD.


  5. I stand corrected the 32gig memory stick is already available.


  6. My latest DVD player (Philips, price £30) plays pretty much any file type I can throw at it and has a USB port. I can d/l stuff from the interwebz onto a USB stick and watch it on my telly. Far easier that trying to find a cable that will convert the VGA output to a set of phono leads to input to the telly.

    Seeing as how there’s so little worth watching on broadcast television right now, I tend to sit back and watch my West Wing (or anything Sorkin) and SG1 collection pretty much back to back.


  7. So basically, in 12 months when the 64gig is available – Blu-Ray will be just about obsolete once connectivety is sorted out.


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