Road Kill







Just what is the best road kill?

Last Sunday morning at 03:30 I’m driving an empty milk tanker from a dairy in Westbury, via Frome (pron froom), Glastonbury, then on to the M5 southbound for home. There’s no one on the road so I’m kicking the life of it.

This is a ton of fun in an artic (semi).

Just as I came over the top of a hill on the approach to Frome there were a group of rabbits in the road. I thought, If they stay still they’ll be fine – but they’re rabbits. I know I got four of them.

Badgers, they’re messy and when you hit them it sounds like someone throwing a bucket of water on to the road.

Fox’s, kinda boring but lots of them these days.

Deer – best avoid in a car, great sport in a truck.

Horses and cows – to be avoided unless driving armour.


If you ever wonder why I make children cry – you’re reading it.



Feel free to add your own experiences

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  1. I bought a game pie from some guy at a farmers market at the weekend. He said everyone jokes with him accusing him of being a poacher. I reckon its all just roadkill. We had a drive down to Kent just to get out of London and there were carcasses everywhere. It was like Afghanistan.


  2. You should see the mess I left around Devon


  3. next time scrape it up eh


  4. I envy you driving round devon. I’m going to come down and hitch a lift one day


  5. hows it out on the road rubber duck, you got your ears on. The badgers are quaking in thier boots tonight.


  6. Nah, but the nonce of a West Mercia copper that just stopped me in Frankly Services on the M5 – just because he couldn’t believe I actually turned my truck around in the small space that I did – was a tempting target indeed lol.


  7. OK, that pic is seriously a screencap from the ep of SG1 I just watched. Yes, I gave in and watched it. Sod having to be in the office early!


  8. Love that picture!


  9. […] No referring link […]


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